A Russian official confirms the recovery of all Russian children from “Al-Rouj” camp in Hasakah countryside.


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The Commissioner for Children’s Rights to the Russian Presidency, “Anna Kuznetsova”, revealed information about the return of all Russian children from the “Roj” camp in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah, which is under the control of the SDF, to their country.

“The 14th batch coming from Syria included Russian children who were in a camp,” Kuznetsova said during the arrival of the Russian Defense Ministry plane yesterday, carrying 23 Russian children coming from Syria to the “Chkalovsky” airport near Moscow. Roj,” in an orphanage, and in a prison in Damascus,” noting that the younger children were brought from the prison in the Syrian capital, where they were accompanied by their mothers.

Kuznetsova added that there is a possibility that there are two Russian children in the Roj camp, who will be returned to their country if they are found. However, Moscow is turning to focus its attention on the “Al-Hol” camp. Where /106/ files of documents have been prepared for the Russian children who are in the camp, which is also under the control of the “SDF”.

This came after a Russian delegation headed by the Assistant Commissioner for Children’s Rights to the Russian Presidency, “Larisa Nikolaevna”. /20/ Russian boys and girls, from the “SDF”. They were held in Roj camp in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah, which includes families of ISIS militants.

The Russian government continues its efforts to retrieve its citizens, especially children and women, from the camps in Syria. Which includes the families of ISIS members who were killed or captured in the battles.

On the other hand, the governments of Western countries refrain from taking back their nationals who joined the organization in Syria. She says that they pose a threat to their communities, in an effort to keep them in Syria. Meanwhile, the SDF warns that the camps and prisons it controls, which contain ISIS militants and their families, will turn into new hotbeds for ISIS re-launch. Especially since the children who grow up in those camps are brought up in an environment that incites extremism, violence, and the ideas of the extremist organization.

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