A statement from the Syrian Presidency on the health condition of the president Al-Assad and his wife.


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The Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic issued a statement explaining the health status of the president “Bashar Al-Assad” and his wife “Asma Al-Assad” 9 days after their infection with the coronavirus.

The statement stated that the radiological indicators related to the health status of the president and his wife are gradually returning to their natural values and that they’re reassuring, according to the national medical team supervising their treatment, who confirmed that they’re in the phase the recovery phase.

The statement reiterated that the president and his wife continue their work during their quarantine and that they’ll return to practice their work normally after the end of the quarantine and to make sure that the result of the PCR scan is negative.

On the 8th of March, the presidency announced that the president and his wife felt mild symptoms similar to those of infection with the coronavirus, and they conducted a PCR examination, and the result showed that they were infected with the virus, knowing that their health condition is good and stable.

The presidency stated at the time that the president and his wife will spend a quarantine period, which will last for 2 or 3 weeks, and they also wish safety and well-being for all the Syrians and all people of the world from the virus, and they call on the Syrians to continue to follow precautions and preventive as much as possible.

It’s noteworthy that the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution Mr. “Ali Khamenei” sent a message of reassurance to president Al-Assad a few days ago, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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