Authorities Detonate WWII Bomb In Exeter, England


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Authorities in England detonated a big bomb from WWII over the weekend.

A 2,200 pound bomb was found in Exeter, England and successfully destroyed Saturday, according to the BBC. How was it destroyed? They blew it up after evacuating the area! The BBC also reported that there was damage to some of the surrounding buildings. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Watch the awesome video shared by the Devon and Cornwall Police below.

UPDATE: This is the moment a WW2 bomb was detonated in #Exeter. Image courtesy of Exeter City Council. #Police would like to thank the residents of Exeter, particularly the 2,600 evacuated households and our partner agencies who have worked so hard to ensure the safety of all

— Devon & Cornwall Police (@DC_Police) February 27, 2021

Well, you damn sure don’t see something like that every single day of the week. Generally speaking, bombs from WWII aren’t exactly found and detonated on a regular basis in the year 2021.

That’s just not something that happens very often, which is what makes this so fascinating.

UPDATE: A WW2 bomb located near #Exeter University has been detonated. The 400-metre cordon will remain in place tonight so residents must not return home. Anyone who has been evacuated and has any concerns can call the council helpline: 0345 155 1015

— Devon & Cornwall Police (@DC_Police) February 27, 2021

Imagine walking through your backyard enjoying your afternoon, and all of a sudden you stumble upon a 2,200-pound relic from World War II. I would be terrified of accidentally setting it off. I’d absolutely panic.

Video sent to me by a friend.

Turns out the #ExeterBomb was louder than expected!

— Luke (@MrLukeJohnston) February 27, 2021

Also, if you want to see something super cool, check out this aerial view of the detonation. It’s pretty sick.

We’ve spent the last 2 days in Exeter supporting the huge multi-agency operation for an unexploded WW2 bomb. This is from the drone the moment it was detonated…

(the 2nd clip is thermal imaging)#exeter @BBCNews @SkyNews @DevonLiveNews @DC_Police @BBCSpotlight @itvwestcountry

— Alliance Police Drones (@PoliceDrones) February 28, 2021

Stay safe, England! Do your best to not accidentally stumble upon any more bombs from WWII.

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