Bad Taste: TiKToKers Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Battle With Cancer


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After the news of Rush Limbaugh’s death following a months-long battle with stage IV lung cancer, some users of TikTok took to the popular social media app to offer their thoughts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some users weren’t too kind.

“Anti-fascist, white supremacist voice radio host Rush Limbaugh has finally died,” one user proclaimed. “The gods and goddesses have finally answered our calls.”

Another TikTok user said, “I’m having an iffy day, but it’s even better,” as she revealed the death of the popular radio talk show host to her followers. “Good riddance to bad trash.” (RELATED: Liberals Reacted As You Can Imagine To Rush Limbaugh’s Death, By Sneering And Celebrating)

Check out our full roundup of some of the more eye-opening TikToks below.


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