Biden crosses the “red line” in terms of US – Russia relations [Video]


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To the European observer or the American observer, Joe Biden would likely be seen as the answer to the “uncertainty” brought into US – European relations that President Trump brought. That “uncertainty” is really nothing of the kind: President Trump wanted great relations with the allied nations in Western Europe as well as the new NATO members gleaned from the leftovers of the Soviet bloc like Poland and Serbia, but he wanted the member nations to quit using the United States’ vast resources and sloppy management skills to their own advantages. “Pay their fair share” was applied by the real American president to tell the rest of the world, “look, for us in the United States, it is American first. You are welcome to keep the interests of your own respective lands first – indeed, you should do precisely this, but you have no right to just assume that the United States will cover your costs in the NATO alliance.

Today, the news website released a scathing news piece concerning the way Mr. Biden commented about Russia at an online meeting of the Munich Security Conference on European-US Relations. From the news piece (a translation of it, anyway, so any errors in translation are mine), originally written by Fariza Batsasova:

US President Joe Biden spoke at the online session of the Munich Security Conference on European-US relations. This was his first foreign policy speech at an international event since taking office. The American leader accused Russia of seeking to weaken NATO and transatlantic unity and promised to strengthen the core values ​​and strength of Western democracies. The experts present appeared to appreciate Biden’s speech.

What is the meaning of the speech by the President of the United States at the Munich conference

Russia was not the # 1 topic of Biden’s speech – he paid much more attention to the challenges China is throwing at the West. However, the US President also paid a lot of attention to the confrontation with Moscow.

“Putin seeks to weaken the European project and the NATO alliance because it is much easier for the Kremlin to intimidate individual countries than to negotiate with the united transatlantic community,” Biden said during his speech. “The Russian authorities want others to think that our system is just as corrupt or even more corrupt.”

After this slam, then the so-called “conciliatory recognition”…

Meanwhile, the American leader nevertheless noted that cooperation with Russia is possible in this case. “We should not return to the confrontation between the Cold War blocs, rivalry should not exclude interaction on issues that concern us all,” he said. Biden also called the decision of Moscow and Washington to extend the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3) as a positive step.

According to the American leader, the main task of his administration today is to prove that it is the democratic political system that remains the most effective. “Democracies don’t just happen by chance,” he said. “We must demonstrate that our model is not a relic of the past.”

In addition, he announced his intention to strengthen the values ​​and strength of Western democracies, including by modernizing military forces and maintaining military support for European NATO members.

One of the heads of Russian research on the Western great powers was not thrilled.

“In essence, Biden’s speech has a declarative character,” comments Vladimir Vasiliev, chief researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada, Russian Academy of Sciences . – Its essence is that the United States is returning to the traditional approach to the transatlantic partnership, which was outlined during the presidency of Barack Obama. The current American leader stressed that NATO is the main cornerstone of Western security and confirmed that the fifth article of the Washington Treaty, which defines the principles of the collective defense of the alliance, is unshakable.

And in this regard, one can understand that one of the key goals of Joe Biden’s speech at the Munich conference is to reassure the Europeans, to explain that in the past four turbulent years under Trump, the relationship between the United States and its allies has been somewhat strained, but they can be ignored. Now the problems of Western European security and cooperation within NATO are the main priority for the current political leadership. ”

It was understood that Europe should no longer think about its strategic autonomy, the political scientist (Vasiliev) believes. And all those fundamental principles that were laid down in their time in 1949 when the North Atlantic Alliance was created, still remain in force. Therefore, Europeans should not worry.

The expert noted that no less important in this context was the response of French President Emmanuel Macron, who rejected America’s claims that it would continue to be considered the guarantor of Europe’s security. According to him, the Europeans, in any case, should retain strategic and political independence.

This above paragraph shows something interesting. Macron was governing as a far-left statist until rather recently, when recent rhetoric from the French leader indicated his moving to a far more French-centered nationalistic approach, particularly in light of the repeated vicious attacks on that country’s people by Muslim terrorists.

However, for Vladimir Vasiliev, Joe Biden’s speech amounted to a major slap in the face to Russia as the Presidential imposter continues to destroy the American nation’s standing in the world, following the same trajectory followed by Mr. Biden’s old boss, Barack Obama.

“Biden has crossed the most important red line with regard to Russia,” continues Vladimir Vasiliev. – I don’t remember any cases when Western politicians, even during the Cold War, personally attacked the leaders of countries. This situation finally brings the issue of trust between our countries to zero. In such conditions of personal hostility, which has now arisen, there can be no talk of any point interactions, because the personalization proves that Biden does not perceive Putin as a negotiating partner.

At this stage, the Biden Administration is guided by the concept of regime change with respect to Russia. The Administration makes it clear that it does not want to deal with Putin and his entourage. And in this regard, it is important for the Americans to light up anti-Russian sentiments and bring them to a boiling point, and then step aside a little in order to involve European allies in this issue.

Moreover, the United States intends to move away from the American-Russian confrontational models directly and involve the countries of the post-Soviet space, in particular Ukraine, Georgia, and the Central Asian republics. Washington will contain Moscow along the perimeter of its neighbors.”

This, of course is the outward reflection of “the plan” that will also be introduced through the “Great Reset”, no doubt, because for the secular West, Russia is not only a problem, Russia is THE problem. Russia, with its increasingly pro-Christian pivot, is a rising power in the Eastern Hemisphere; already a military superpower, Russian statesmanship is becoming the best in the world. The United States came close to a true alliance with Russia under President Trump, but the insiders in the American government, largely aligned along an economic / military theory of secular globalism with the US at the helm, rejected the notion of alliance with a nation whose values would be like a mirror to the godless powerful in the United States.

This is an interpretation, and one might call it highly speculative. However, the proof is in the manner of policy decisions the United States leadership has taken over the past several decades with both domestic and foreign policy. The nation that used to champion the freedom and liberty to worship God as one likes, especially in contrast to the anti-Christian pogroms of the Stalinist Soviet Union, is now invested just as much in the destruction of the faith as Stalin was, and it is being done in a much more clever way, through the use of the COVID not-so-much-of-a-pandemic and scare tactics the soft American Christian leaders easily caved into, apparently laughing all the way. (Probably with not a little money involved as a payoff to keep quiet, too.)

Joe Biden is not exactly at the center of all this, but he is the spokesman for those people who are. I still find it hard to believe that the man has any personal initiative while serving in the office of the Presidency – after all, though, we had four years of initiative on steroids, constantly pumped and making more with President Trump, right?

It is a shame because a US-Russia alliance would be so unstoppable, and President Trump knew it. So did the secularists who organized the coup we witnessed over the last several months.

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