Bidet Company Will Pay $10,000 To Study Your Poop Habits


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The bidet company Tushy is offering a $10,000 contract to anyone who will record their pooping habits over a three-month period.

TUSHY is a leading start-up, revolutionizing the American bathroom and pushing bidets into the mainstream.

— TUSHY Bidet (@hellotushy) June 15, 2020

“All you have to do is poop everyday for three months and record what you’re doing,” Miki Agrawal, founder of Tushy, said to the New York Post. The position, named “VP of Fecal Matters,” requires the person to document bowel movements and produce video content for social media, per the job listing. (RELATED: ‘We Know This Is An Important Issue’: Rhode Island Will Change Its Name On Documents)

“Who doesn’t like money right now? And who doesn’t really love pooping?” said Agrawal to the New York Post. The job also requires the person to note the differences between using toilet paper and the company’s products, which will be provided.

Candidates can apply to the job position by submitting a 60-90 second video of why they are the ideal candidate by July 7, per the job post. Job finalists will be called into a Zoom call with the highest positions of the company to plead their case, according to the New York Post. The company said it has already received dozens of applications and expects at least 100.

Tushy CEO Jason Ojalvo told the New York Post that the ideal candidate is “anyone with a butt.” “You can’t be too shy, because you’re going to be talking about your poop,” said Ojalvo.

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