Bill Maher admits Bill Clinton could have gone to Epstein Island


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Craig Watson

Maher is out of it. I have photos of Clington on Epstein Rapestind with Epstein. Millions have these photos that have been published online besides me. Where the heck Maher? Way behind the 8-ball, just one more clueless MSM big mouth pundit loser.


Clinton is on the flight log … 26 times. He MAY have been on the island?


“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” would in this matter be “I did not get off that plane”.

Tarmac Tar Babies

Don’t forget, ‘we were just exchanging photos of the grandkids.’

Flush the whole rotten lot of 'em

Flush the whole rotten lot of ’em

He said he flew just a few times even though he was logged 26. So Maher is calling him a liar for the wrong reason?


Epstein an Maxwell are the part of a moo sod honey trap operation targeting Us politicians and elite. Ask yourself if an Israel honey trap would waste resources on Trump (one trip) when nobody in his right mind would think he would be President or a sitting President Clinton (26 times)? Mayer is an idiot if he is just now connecting Clinton toEpstein.

Last edited 8 hours ago by Tjoe

Inquiring minds want to know

Inquiring minds want to know

Reply to 


August 11, 2020

Did Epstein have Clinton pee tapes you think?

Sea World

That gal he’s interviewing morphed into an inept octopus before my very eyes, the way she tried slithering around the topic right from the get go.


So what? So he’s damaged goods along with the wife. Anybody can make a mistake. Democrats are a forgiving lot, not like those nasty Republicans. Now, can we move on please?

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