Black Lives Matter — “No justice… No peace…”


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Never before in America’s imperial history have black lives received such support and protection from the educated middle-class, a complete reversal of things.  For since 1526 when Spanish colonizers used African slaves to build their first settlements, the more affluent middle-class has functioned as slave-drivers over the black and brown communities.

Comes now a college educated class of Americans to be so terrorized by Covid 19, so made destitute by a wealth hoarding ruling-class and so demoralized by Trump and his Empire building deep state, that they have decided to bond in comradery with lives so black and so always enslaved.

Notwithstanding the educated white upper-half of society having always hoarded all the land, wealth, healthcare, political power and good paying jobs in law enforcement, and defying all odds, look at all the walls of middle-class moms, walls of middle-class veterans and college students dressed for brutalizing combat, as they stand like concrete pillars to inflict civil disobedience upon all the legalized killer of government.

Human nature being what it is, with all of us looking for any excuse to enrich ourselves upon the misery of others, be they less educated, less wealthy, less white or of a different class, religion or culture, what can we say about all this?

For the grand goal of society being to achieve equality by a willingness to share, such that government looses all need for deadly force, surely the here and now is perfection in changing attitudes motivation.

For only by such a isonomy as the current virus plague, the majority of our working-class unemployed and disaster capitalism awarding a multi-trillion bailout to the corporate rich, only by such a divine intervention have we been given so golden an opportunity to each be a hero the greatest that ever walked the earth.

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