Bullet Points: Iowa Mom Checkmates Dems On Abortion; 2020 Candidates Surge Left


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If Americans learn one thing from the Democrat 2020 primary debates, it should be just how far left the Democratic Party has lurched — even since 2012.

Today on Bullet Points, Host Anders Hagstrom goes over how every major candidate aside from Joe Biden talks about President Barack Obama’s left-wing policies as though they were made by Republicans. Obamacare is no longer enough — Only universal healthcare will suffice. Amnesty for Dreamers? No, illegal immigration must be decriminalized entirely. When it comes to abortion, not a single candidate believed that tax dollars shouldn’t be used to directly pay for abortions.

Also this week, CNN argues that robotics is racist because most we paint most robots white, despite the fact that the countries leading the world in robotics are Asian, not white, countries.

Last this week, an Iowa mother gave birth at 23 weeks to a healthy child, showing just how much a double standard the pro-choice movement has when it comes to when life begins.

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