Champagne Sales Plummet During The Coronavirus Pandemic


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Champagne sales across the world have plummeted during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Reuters, champagne sales are down 1/3 during the crisis, which is equivalent to 100 million bottles of bubbly. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The champagne producers’ group CIVC told Reuters the total losses from the dip in sales could total near $2 billion.

You know the world is in trouble when champagne sales start bottoming out. Champagne and having a good time go hand-in-hand.

The drink is literally tied to any kind of celebration you can think of. It’s tied to weddings, anniversaries and any other party that comes to mind.

With people quarantining during the pandemic, people aren’t really going out and celebrating. If weddings aren’t happening, then it makes sense why sales would be down.

It’s a brutal situation, and we need to get back to living life. Don’t do it just for yourself. Do it for the champagne companies!

The world just doesn’t feel right when the champagne isn’t flowing! So, let’s drink up and find something to celebrate!

P.S.: I was a big champagne guy in my younger days. Now, I don’t think I’ve had a glass in years. Life sure does come at you fast.

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