China Creates Traffic Lights For Camels


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The world’s first traffic light for camels was introduced Sunday in northern China.

Pictures of camels crossing a street were shared Monday by Chinese state media outlet ECNS. The signal was reportedly inaugurated at a popular tourist area near Dunhuang City in Gansu Province.

The traffic light was designed to regulate the movements of tourists and camels. When the signal turns green, camels can cross the road, and tourists should wait for it to turn red, the report says.


The area has grown increasingly popular with tourists in the recent years, according to CNN. With the introduction of the signals, visitors to the Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring can now enjoy the beauty of the oasis without fearing collisions with the humped animals.

The first traffic light in the world for camels in NW China’s Gansu Province.

In the area, Echoing-sand Mountain in #Dunhuang, camel-riding tours are a big attraction for visitors.

So, “regulating” increasing camels is a must alternative today.

— Culture Express (@_cultureexpress) April 13, 2021

Mingsha Mountain is also known as the Singing Sands Mountain because one can hear the sand make loud noises when walking on it, according to ECNS. (RELATED: China’s Propaganda Outlets Are Hyping This One Line From WHO’s Coronavirus Report)

Dunhuang City, located in the Gansu-Xinjiang region, was the first Chinese-administered settlement visited by ancient merchants travelling to the East on the Silk Road, CNN reported. Popular tourist attractions such as Mingsha Mountain, the Mogao Caves temple complex and the Yangguan pass have greatly contributed to the influx of visitors into the area.

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