China Lied About The Coronavirus, But Will Trump Call Them On It?


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The U.S. intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China did falsify its data on coronavirus cases and deaths, but will President Donald Trump go after them on the global stage?

Daily Caller video director Richie McGinniss and White House correspondent Anders Hagstrom discuss why Trump was so hesitant to criticize China in Wednesday’s coronavirus press briefing. He’s said in the past that China was “secretive” in the early days of its outbreak, but he hasn’t gotten any more specific. (RELATED: Mark Cuban Daily Caller Interview: Trump Deserves ‘All the Credit in the World’ for Handling Crisis)

Is Trump holding back to preserve chances of a trade deal? What are some other potential reasons for Trump’s very restrained rhetoric on China when he often doesn’t hold back? Let us know in the comments and check out some of other content.


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