China spin machine uses US liberal media in its whitewash [Video]


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Recently, we put forth the notion that China is in trouble and that they know it. This speculation has borne itself out over the last week quite strongly, as multiple sources in China spin the story to try to tell about how well Chinese authorities handled the coronavirus outbreak in-country, while subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, blaming the virus’ appearance in China on American visitors carrying the virus into China thinking they had only the regular influenza. Like this:

US CDC admitted some #COVID19 patients were misdiagnosed as flu during 2019 flu season. 34 million infected & 20000 died. If #COVID19 began last September, & US has been lack of testing ability, how many would have been infected? US should find out when patient zero appeared.

— Lijian Zhao 赵立坚 (@zlj517) March 22, 2020

Mr. Zhao also tried to spin an American article in USA Today that suggested that by calling the virus the “Wuhan coronavirus”, the American President was spinning up anti-Chinese xenophobia.

Race and global health experts argue describing COVID-19 as a “Chinese” virus exacerbates xenophobia amid the rapidly unfolding outbreak while Chinese officials remain rankled by President Trump’s repeated use of the phrase.

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) March 21, 2020

And in a most recent example, caught by Dr Steven Turley, the Chinese government ported MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, a steadfastly ardent anti-Trumper (but also quite a consummate liar, just remember the three years of ‘Russiagate’), to show how awful and evil President Trump is being towards the Chinese:

This video is a superb report on the story itself and is an absolutely must-watch. We are indebted to Dr. Steve for his astounding analysis.

Still we wish to emphasize a two main points about this.

Fodder for continued efforts by Trump-hating globalists in the US

This propaganda attack has little fertile ground to grow except in those in the United States who are already insane with their opposition to Trump. These people certainly include the newly emboldened Democrat / socialist / globalist crowd, like Nancy “the Ripper” Pelosi and Chuck “I am never happy about anything” Schumer, who on Monday were trying to introduce all sorts of left-wing riders into a very-much-needed coronavirus relief bill, which was openly and honestly ridiculed by a very amused Mitch McConnell. Ever see someone smile when they are angry? Look here:

The “Turtle” is slow, but he is rock steady. Schumer is just… lying. And Nancy Pelosi seems to be channeling the spirit of some LSD-stoned loon down on Haight-Asbury in San Francisco with her request for the President to drop his lawsuit against Obamacare.

For these folks, who are already clearly delusional, the Chinese propaganda mill probably looks like a sign of hope that maybe now the evil, dastardly President Donald Trump will be taken out of the picture.

Reality? Most likely not. It would seem that the reactions from folks over the Chinese games is pretty consistent: No, we are not prejudiced against Chinese people, but their government is spinning this story.

The response to the Twitter posts above is amusing and anyone who wants to waste a little time can do so on this fine quarantine Tuesday if they choose to. One has to give the Chinese credit: they are really trying to push their narrative. This is far from idle chatter, it is purposeful and it does play on the thoughts of some nutters and conspiracy theorists for whom American must always be wrong.

This is the tragic part of this story. America sometimes is wrong in her decisions both at home, and for the last thirty to fifty years, in many, many foreign policy matters. Look around here on The Duran and you can read all about it, sometimes even in pieces I authored.

A deadly game, with American people as the victims

But an honest look at this situation reveals that the biggest problem now is a real one – the mitigation of the virus, trying to guide and control its spread (as there really it not a way of stopping it that is definitive yet), and the fact that this week, the US is going to get walloped by the explosion of cases of COVID-19.

At the time of this writing (13:14 UTC, 1:14pm Greenwich Mean Time), the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map puts the US death toll at 593. It was five hundred last night. The total US case number stands now at 46,481. It would be easy to see both these numbers increase by a factor of between three and five between now and this time next week. New York City alone reports 13,119 cases at this time.

This is not to incite panic, but it is to note reality. The problem is bigger than partisanship. Perhaps, honestly, these people who think they have enough power to use the virus to push Americans into the mire of leftism are forgetting that they themselves may come down with the disease. It doesn’t care what party you are. And politicizing this matter within the US borders is self-destructive nonsense, and a terrible waste of the American people’s time, not only in terms of wasted time listening to political garbage, but in delaying the implementation of actions that might save lives.

China does not care if a huge disaster happens to the United States. The number of cases in the US will easily exceed China’s presently reported 81,600, probably within about two days. The same is true for Italy and probably Spain in the next four or five days. We still do not know the effect that will be borne on Russia or other nations in Europe.

We are honestly glad that the Chinese run of this pandemic appears to be stopping. That gives the rest of us cause to hope that perhaps some unrealized mechanism in the virus – or even the combination of quarantine and restriction of movements and medicine that the Chinese government eventually implemented, helped. We hope the same for every place where the virus sprang up.

But the fact that this virus is a pandemic largely springs from the effort of that selfsame Chinese government to conceal it. While China lost several thousand people, tragically so, their refusal to honestly act as responsible citizens of Planet Earth (a real way in which globalism does hold true – we are all residents on the same world), their secrecy has contributed to the loss of many more lives than they themselves lost.

Here is the final thought: China is spending a lot of time and energy trying to deflect responsibility for the outbreak. Why? If the disease was one of these occasional natural crossovers that happen, why is China trying to spin blame and conspiracy? And further, what if the disease was more known about than its described humble origins in a filthy market in Wuhan?

Often the hand that points the fingers of blame does so – to distract attention from itself.

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