Coronavirus can help Ukrainian healthcare system


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On April 01, the second stage of medical reform should come into force in Ukraine. This event promises to go unnoticed against the backdrop of the main problem of this century – the coronavirus pandemic.

The author of the reform is Dr. Death. Such a nickname among the people received the former Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

The proposed reform has been heavily criticized by the country’s population. Many believe that it will kill the medical care system in Ukraine.

In light of the current situation with the spread of coronavirus, I would like to note that according to the results of the first stage of medical reform in the country, the system of sanitary and epidemiological services was completely eliminated.

It turns out that there are no professionals ready to fight the deadly virus in the country. Faced with an active spread of infection, the country’s authorities immediately began to restore the abolished structure. The selection of chief sanitary doctors in the regions is being carried out. But this will take not a one day. And not one week.

And on April 1, the adopted medical reform provides for the closure of a number of medical institutions, including a number of tuberculosis dispensaries. This step is due to reduced funding for the counter tuberculosis service. This year, the amount allocated for these needs should be reduced by five times compared to 2019.

It turns out that in Ukraine there is no sanitary-epidemiological service. The state program to combat tuberculosis is not fixed at the legislative level. And this can lead to the fact that many infected with coronavirus can stay without treatment and any medical control.

Such a situation can lead to sad consequences not only in Ukraine itself. It is necessary to pay attention to this at international sites.

It seems the country’s authorities are starting to think about it. The main thing is not to be too late. The epidemiological service killed by Ulyana Suprun is only beginning to be restored thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. And in full it will not start functioning soon, given that in recent years, Ukrainian educational institutions have not released a single specialist in this industry.

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