Countries Having the Highest Percentages of Population with Covid-19 Infection


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Eric Zuesse

As of April 2nd, the top ten most-infected countries, by numbers of persons tested positive, and their respective population-sizes, and the resulting percentages of population who are known to be infected, are:

USA 217,661 / 327,527,107 = 0.0007

Italy 110,574 / 59,484,488 = 0.002

Spain 110,238 / 46,569,676 = 0.002

Germany 81,728 / 81,845,984 = 0.001

China 81,589 / 1,426,279,708 = 0.00006

France 56,989 / 67,699,975 = 0.0008

Iran 50,468 / 81,797,656 = 0.0006

UK 33,718 / 66,465,841 = 0.0005

Switzerland 18,475 / 8,429,973 = 0.002

Turkey 15,679 / 80,091,763 = 0.0002

Consequently, of all of the ten countries that have the most infections, the three with the highest ratio of the population who are known to be infected are: Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Those countries are in the worst shape.

Germany is the next-highest, after them.

In the mid-range, below those 4, are: U.S., France, Iran, and UK.

Turkey is the next-highest.

The lowest percentage who are known to be infected are in China.

Of the top ten countries, three — Italy, Spain, and Switzerland — are, on the basis of current public knowledge, the most-infected; and one — China — is the least-infected.

Consequently, at present, the strictest lockdowns ought to be in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland; and travelers from those 3 countries ought to be especially subjected to testing before being allowed to enter others of these 10 countries (or, perhaps, allowed to enter any other country).

Furthermore, at the present time, China should prohibit entrance into the country by travelers from abroad.

Of course, one can question the reliability of these data, but this applies to the data from all countries; and, therefore, to do that is basically to ignore the data (which only fools would do, since these data are all that we’ve currently got to go on).

This is only at the current phase of the pandemic. It’s a global problem, and even countries that at the present phase seem to have gotten this plague under control could experience new sources of infection, either from abroad or else domestically. Covid-19, the virus that causes the coronavirus-19 disease, is too new for there to be much confidence in any predictions about its mutation-rates and other important attributes. For such a phenomon, much guesswork is inevitably involved, and the outcome of any prediction will largely due to chance, mere luck.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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