Couple Embracing On Bridge Railing Falls To Their Death In Peru


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A couple died after falling over a bridge railing in Peru while kissing.

Maybeth Espinoz, 34, and Hector Vidal, 36, were walking home from a nightclub when they stopped for a minute, according to a report published Wednesday by UK Metro. In video footage, Espinoz can be seen sitting on top of the bridge railing while she is kissed by Vidal.

After a moment, Espinoz seemingly lost her balance and began to fall backward, taking her boyfriend with her.

In the video, Vidal can be seen attempting to grab the bridge railing before losing his grip and falling.

The fall reportedly occurred around 1 a.m. on Saturday and witnesses called for help. (RELATED: 1-Year-Old Dies After Falling From 11th Story Of Cruise Ship)

Local reports claimed the two had survived, but UK Metro reported the pair actually had died from the fall. Espinoz died on the way to the hospital, while Vidal died from his injuries at the hospital.

The video footage of this fall makes me so anxious. Falling off a bridge railing is one of my biggest fears. Any time I stand next to a railing I always imagine myself falling to my death over it, and then it actually happened to these people.

I hope their families can find peace.

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