DELETE YOUR KING ZUCK ACCOUNT NOW: Facebook Global Planning Lead Reveals Facebook Threat To The Human Race


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Shocking Facebook Revelations By Project Veritas Undercover Reporter

  • Zuckerberg is all powerful and Facebook needs to be broken up because it is harmful to society?
  • Interfering in elections, registering 4.5M voters to help Joe Biden win?
  • AI watching and censoring everyone?
  • AI will take over human who are expendable, just ants?
  • Eugenics?

Facebook should be closed down now!

Is Zuckerberg actually human or is he plugged in to a psychopathic AI system? I have always thought he looked odd:

He wants to rule the world, he does not respect democracy, he has no empathy, and he and his wife are planning to replace humans with AI according to his global planning exec.

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