Democratic Anarchy is the Future of Democracy


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Democracy must prevent politicians from hurting people and must force them to fulfill electoral promises. To achieve this goal, we have to build an efficient instrument that will make authorities responsible to people. We cannot count on the representatives of people to do it efficiently because they may get corrupted by the elite. For example, no state judiciary has ever prosecuted politicians for waging aggressive wars. Really, the only way to establish a fully functional democracy is to give people equal rights to call authorities to responsibility for everything they do in their names.

Taking into account that all people may have some kind of authority that affects others and may hurt them, we may solve the problems of society by making everyone accountable to everyone for everything they do. The future of democracy will not primarily be based on voting for people, but rather on the equal rights of people to judge other people. We need to create a simple regulation that will give equal judging power to people. It will solve social problems and present an excellent opportunity for creating a bright future for humankind. I call it democratic anarchy.

Each person will get an equal right to evaluate, let’s say, five people positively or negatively every month. Each positive evaluation will bring a small award to the assessed person, and each negative assessment will result in a small punishment. Democratic anarchy will direct all people to respect each other, to create the highest possible advantages to the community, and to reduce or abolish the creation of any disadvantage. This will create a good society.

Politicians will not dare to enact policy that harms people anymore, no matter what the elite demand from them, because it would bring the wrath of the people and a large number of negative evaluations. The power of people’s assessments may be democratically set to hurt politicians a lot if they do not follow the needs of the people. Politicians will have to serve people and this will change society from the foundation.

Can democratic anarchy inflict harm on people? Well, a small percentage of people may evaluate others maliciously because of cruelty or envy. I doubt they can make a noticeable impact, but we may test it just by privately showing individuals how many positive and negative evaluations they receive from other people, let’s say for one year. Even this will be enough to improve society. Once people observe the benefits from this test, they will demand the full implementation of democratic anarchy and will never let anybody take it from them.

Democratic anarchy will implement the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” which nothing else was able to accomplish in the history of humankind. Democracy based on real equal human rights will create a good society unavoidably. Democratic anarchy will also present how good societies are. If people predominantly give bad evaluations to others, this will tell everyone they are still in trouble. Mainly good assessments given will tell people they are approaching a bright future.

No one can represent people better than they can themselves. People will get a small real power in society for the first time. They will also become directly responsible to people for everything they do. Democratic anarchy will best represent the needs of every individual and society as a whole. There is no better democracy. And it is quite simple to accomplish, while the result will positively affect every social relation.

Democratic anarchy is the most critical human right. It will naturally make all other human rights equal. I have thoroughly explained it in the article Democratic Anarchy is the Future of Democracy.

One needs to understand that authoritarian social systems have generally brought the worst out of people, and equal human rights will bring the best. Equal human rights will solve all social problems and build the best life possible for all beyond the wildest dreams of today. Nothing more is needed for creating a good society, and nothing less can make it. Plus, democratic anarchy can be implemented soon, and building a bright future of humankind can start soon.

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