Democrats did not eliminate Trump, but they achieved their goals


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Representatives of the oldest US party can be proud of themselves. Yes, they had to plunge into the mud of political games with their heads, but it was worth it. Of course, here you can ask a fair question: what exactly did the democrats achieve? In the end, Trump is still sitting in the presidential chair. Perhaps, another question should be asked here: was the removal of Trump a real goal?

To understand, we should return to the past when the scandalous investigation of Russian interference in the elections did not yet seem so absurd. What could really force those in power to declare that Russia, the US strategic competitor in the international arena, is powerful enough to intervene in American domestic political processes?

Now it’s no secret that Hillary Clinton actively used the services of the Ukrainian authorities during the 2016 election race. It is not customary to talk about this in the circles of American democrats, but the fact remains. It was the administration of the democrat Barack Obama who supported the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, which ensured Petro Poroshenko’s coming to power. It is logical that Kiev sought to return the “debt”, although the Ukrainian elites clearly did not understand what kind of adventure they were getting into.

When Trump won, the state apparatus of Ukraine was paralyzed for several days. Officials who vehemently criticized the Republican were already anticipating problems. There were those who tried to shed light on what was happening back in 2017. For example, deputy Andrei Derkach demanded that the Prosecutor General open criminal proceedings against employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau on the fact of interference in the US presidential election.

It turns out that Donald Trump could even then begin a campaign against the Democrats in hot pursuit. However, as we know now, he was not allowed to do this. The President was accused of conspiring with Moscow, and this whole story dragged on for the long 22 months. During this time, Robert Mueller’s team indicted thirty-four individuals and three companies. Eight of them pleaded guilty or were convicted of criminal offenses. Among them were five associates of Trump, but not one of them could be accused of conspiring with the Russians.

In May last year, the already-discredited investigation ended with Mueller’s pointless verdict:

“If we had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so. However, we did not determine whether the President had committed a crime”.

On this point, the story could be completed. There is no evidence, but the presumption of innocence is on Trump’s side. But skeletons began to drop out of the Democrats’ cabinet again, and not at the right time – in anticipation of the new presidential election. As soon as Joe Biden was identified as a key candidate from the party, it became clear that Donald Trump could take revenge.

Ukraine was again drawn into the American political struggle. Biden was clearly not one of those who were afraid to talk about how he forced the president of another country to dismiss the attorney general, who launched an investigation against his son, Hunter Biden, was on the board of directors of the gas company Burisma, which worked in Ukraine and was engaged in financial fraud. Joe Biden did everything to prevent an investigation, and it was too expensive for the Democrats. They again needed a reason to attack against Trump, and urgently. The choice fell on the notorious telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. And we must pay tribute to the architects of this scandal. Only real professionals, at the expense of such a controversial argument, can achieve the beginning of the impeachment procedure. Of course, they understood from the very beginning that Trump’s resignation would not work. But, as we said above, they did not want this. The main task in the case of Russian intervention, and in the story of the “pressure” on Ukraine, is single – to divert attention.

For the sake of this, such an impressive theatrical production was created, the final scene of which we watched the day before. Key figures have contributed well to escalating the situation when Trump refused to shake Pelosi’s hand, and she tore his speech back. Such a demonstrative exchange of demarches is worthy of the best reality shows. The very story of impeachment ended as expected. The article on abuse of power was supported by 48 senators versus 52. And only 47 senators were ready to accuse Trump of the Congress. However, no one supported Trump’s acquittal, which leaves a window of opportunity for the Democrats.

As we see, all these years they held out on scandals, and until the new presidential election another 9 months. Therefore, although the issue of impeachment has been resolved, the story of Trump’s pressure on Ukraine will still be used. The best defense is an attack, and Democrats understand that this is the only way to conceal their own crimes from the public.

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