Disbarred Veterans Attorney Now Going via 67-Depend Federal Indictment, Including Social Security Fraud


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A ancient Memphis legal educated first uncovered by The Everyday Caller in 2014 is now going via sixty-seven federal legal counts.

Keith L. Dobbs, 39, is a disbarred Memphis, Tennessee attorney and closing week the U.S. Prison educated’s Space of job for the Western District of Tennessee introduced the indictment.

Dobbs used to be charged, “with a total of sixty-seven federal legal violations. To boot as, one indictment seeks the forfeiture of no no longer up to $406,533.00 in legal proceeds,” in line with a commentary from the Social Security Space of job of the Inspector General.

“In line with the two indictments, Dobbs misappropriated funds from 26 victims who acquired frail’s advantages and nine Social Security recipients. Dobbs acted as a fiduciary for these victims which ability that of they had been unable to defend an eye on their advantages because of physical or psychological disabilities. The indictments had been the consequence of a joint investigation conducted by the Space of job of Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Space of job of Inspector General for the Social Security Administration.”

Dobbs used to be first featured in an August 2014 article in the Caller, all over which he used to be accused of overcharging and misappropriating from, Norman Hughes, a Korean and Vietnam Battle frail under his care in the VA Fiduciary program. (RELATED: Korean, Vietnam Battle Vet Internal VA System Held Against His Will)

The VA Fiduciary program “used to be established to guard veterans and other beneficiaries who, because of difficulty, disease or age, are unable to defend an eye on their monetary affairs. VA will fully prefer an individual to be unable to defend an eye on his or her monetary affairs after receipt of scientific documentation or if a court docket of competent jurisdiction has already made the chance,” in line with Protection power.com.

In Hughes’ case, the proof of his incapacitation used to be uncertain, and Hughes used to be also forced to defend at assisted residing facility the assign he felt enjoy a prisoner and the month-to-month price, $7,200 used to be almost thrice the rent, $2,700, he used to be paying sooner than being forced into guardianship.

“I would like somebody to attend me procure out of here,” Hughes talked about to the Caller in 2014.

This Might perhaps moreover 19, 2014 portray presentations a a register front of the Veterans Affairs constructing in Washington, DC. The VA and Secretary Eric Shinseki are under fireplace amid reports by ancient and contemporary VA workers that up to 40 patients could perhaps well perhaps moreover have died thanks to delayed medicine at an agency hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER (Checklist credit have to aloof study KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Hughes has since died, however Debbie McCoy used to be Hughes’ caretaker and he stayed along with her forward of being forced by Hughes to an assisted residing facility.

McCoy talked about Hughes believed Dobbs used to be stealing from him, including his social security funds.

The press release explained more about Dobbs’ social security fraud: “Dobbs utilized to the Social Security Administration to be the consultant payee for nine beneficiaries, and used to be appointed consultant payee for every of the nine victims. In line with the indictment, Dobbs remodeled the nine victims’ Social Security advantages to his grasp expend by drawing assessments on their accounts made payable to him; transferring funds from their accounts into an fable that he controlled; and by the expend of the funds in the victims’ accounts to make purchases and pay payments.”

When Dobbs entered Hughes’ life in leisurely 2012, Hughes had roughly $150,000 saved up, it used to be all of the kind down to an estimated $80,000 on the time of the 2014 fable.

While the indictment doesn’t list the names of the victims, it does list the initials, including N.H.

McCoy talked about Dobbs known as soon after himself being reached by the Caller for comment in 2014; Dobbs threatened her, suggesting he would lower the minimal time she could perhaps well perhaps moreover exhaust with Hughes if the media acquired alive to.

Crime seemed to repay for some time for Dobbs. Fragment of the click release reads, “in line with the mail fraud indictment, Dobbs frail funds embezzled from the veterans’ accounts to pay his deepest duties, comparable to credit card payments and rent, and to prefer items, comparable to a BMW car.”

Sean Higgins is a frequent Memphis VA whistleblower and he is conscious of Hughes’ son; spherical the time of the 2014 fable, he talked about he seen Dobbs driving a Porsche.

Higgins talked about he confronted him in a neighborhood bar, “It is likely you’ll perhaps well perhaps moreover have to present Norman his a repayment, or I’m going to test you in penal advanced,” Higgins remembers telling him.

Dobbs’ life has spiraled downhill since that 2014 article in the Caller.

In February 2016, the Memphis Commercial Charm newspaper did a apply up on Dobbs, finding a pattern of malfeasance on his fragment.

Amongst the revelations used to be that Dobbs used to be being investigated by the VA Space of job of Inspector General’s Space of job (VAOIG) and that he had been far from all his VA Fiduciary roles.

On July 21, 2016, Dobbs used to be disbarred by the Tennessee Bar Affiliation.

In January 2017, he used to be arrested for home assault of his seventy-four 300 and sixty five days ragged father, though the costs had been later dropped.

On January 18, 2017, he used to be in difficulty again with the Tennessee Bar Affiliation, this time for training with out license. Fragment of that ruling states, “On January 13, 2017, Keith Lamonte Dobbs, an attorney formerly licensed to prepare law in Tennessee, acquired a Public Censure from the Board of Real Accountability of the Tennessee Supreme Court docket. … Mr. Dobbs assisted a consumer with the filing of tax recordsdata linked to probate matters after he used to be suspended from the prepare of law.”

On June 19, 2019, he used to be indicted on sixty-seven federal counts in the U.S. District Court docket for the Western District of Tennessee.

Dobbs used to be represented by attorney Michael Scholl starting up in 2016. Scholl did now not respond to a message left along with his reveal of job.

It’s no longer clear if he aloof represents Dobbs, and no longer one in all the paperwork associated with the federal case for the time being lists an attorney for Dobbs.

Matt Hall’s sister, Blae Bryce, is yet any other sufferer of Dobbs. (RELATED: Memphis VA Health heart Stays Anxious, Despite Secretary’s Assurance It Has ‘Grew to alter into A Corner’)

“Bless his heart,” Hall talked about when steered of the indictment against Dobbs.

Hall’s sister had roughly $35,000 saved up when Dobbs changed into her VA Fiduciary; it used to be done to roughly $3,000 when he used to be removed in 2016. Hall talked about his sister must have had more than sufficient income to camouflage her month-to-month costs. He talked about his sister’s psychological health has continued to deteriorate and though he used to be in an area to have her moved to Texas, shut to the assign he lives, she is now in an assisted residing facility.

Hall talked about he doesn’t blame Dobbs for his sister’s psychological health deteriorating, however he talked about no matter her points, she used to be continuously sure Dobbs used to be stealing from her.

“She steered everyone [that Dobbs was stealing],” Hall talked about; he thinks no matter her psychological health reveal he believes his sister helped to unsleeping those in energy to Dobbs’ crimes.

Dobbs used to be presupposed to be supervised by the VA Fiduciary Hub based fully in Louisville, Kentucky.

Martin Greenwell is the spokesman for the Veterans Advantages Administration’s fiduciary hub in Louisville, Kentucky, and he did now not respond to a voicemail for comment.

One noteworthy discovery from the 2014 article used to be that Dobbs continuously acquired the the same judge in Shelby County Probate Court docket, Clutch Karen Webster; two judges heard circumstances on the court docket.

At the time of the article, Dobbs had twenty circumstances in Shelby County Probate Court docket, including seven frail circumstances.

A phone name to Clutch Webster’s chambers used to be left unreturned.

Cherri Green is the overall public affairs officer for the U.S. Prison educated’s Space of job for the Western District of Tennessee.

She used to be asked if the investigation is aloof commence for Webster or any person else however declined to respond.

“We refer you to the click release and indictment.” Green talked about. “There will be no further comment from this reveal of job.”

Webster isn’t any longer talked about in the click release or indictment.

“At present after receiving allegations of imperfect conduct, VA took movement to investigate and procure Dobbs and make all affected Veterans total,” a spokesperson for the VA steered The Everyday Caller in a commentary. “As a consequence of Dobbs’ crimes centered on the appearance and submission of false paperwork, VA has enhanced its doc overview insurance policies and procedures to conclude identical incidents in due direction.”

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