Election 2020 to be “dumpster fire” as Dems intent on taking country by force [Video]


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The Democrats appear to be threatening an all out coup d’etat if their guy doesn’t win. Unless there is an epic landslide in favor of one or the other candidates, the election results will be contested. Depending on who contests, the violence may become extreme. So goes the prediction laid out on Tucker Carlson’s program, shown here below:

The mere fact that the rhetoric has reached this level is considerable. As we hear in the video, one of the models of how the election might go features the attempts or threats by Washington, Oregon and California to seceded from the Union should the results not go the Democrats way.

A similar report showed up, reviewed on Rush Limbaugh’s program September 1, 2020. That report which is on Axios, here, shows how the Democrats think they will win: with the results from mail-in ballots. Yep. Those very same ballots that are being argued over strenuously these days:

Animated GIF of a map of showing how the results could change after election nightFiveThirtyEight in August.

  • The ultimate results may well sit somewhere between these low-end and high-end scenarios and will also be impacted by who actually votes, and how voters’ views about their options change over the coming weeks.
  • This further made some interesting and believable assumptions. Democrats and liberals appear to be more afraid of the coronavirus; their personality type is such that they would honesty rather the government be like a big foster parent and tell them what to do all the time. Since the government authorities say panic-inducing things like “wear masks!!” in Blue states, those voters will likely make use of mail-in balloting. The group assumes, perhaps rightly, that the Democrats will be very involved in this election.

    This seems likely. One of the Democrats I know fully intends to vote for Biden, though his vote is more to get rid of Trump than it is to embrace Biden and his new policies. The people voting for Trump seem to want to do so for two reasons: to stop the ascent of radical liberals to power and to support and encourage the amazing policy changes President Trump put in place after he won in 2016, policies that stand to be cancelled or rolled back by a Harris / Cabal administration.

    Oh, right. Joe Biden would be the mouthpiece for that administration. He gets to play President.

    At least for as long as he is useful to the Democrats.

    Any way this goes, this is likely to be a fierce contest. We present both sides here because it is important that the reader understand that this is no cakewalk for anybody, particularly Mr. Trump, who, despite his tremendous success and leadership, has to submit to the will of the American people should the majority of them vote against him. The same is true for Joe Biden.

    What appears also to be the case is that both parties and their supporters are deeply siloed. The narratives of the “conservative” and “liberal” network outlets are deeply different and both sides are portraying equal confidence that their side is going to win. I can only suggest this. Whoever you are, whatever you think is right for the nation, vote!

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