Election Dissection: Biden And Harris Are Miles Apart On Health Care — Which Way Will Their Plan Lean?

election-dissection:-biden-and-harris-are-miles-apart-on-health-care-— which-way-will-their-plan-lean?

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Democratic strategist Ameshia Cross joined the Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc to break down why presumptive Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris was the perfect woman to join former Vice President Joe Biden as his running mate.

In particular, Cross examined where the two differ — specifically on health care — and explained how her presence will rally the more progressive wing of the party around him in November. (RELATED: Trump Floats False Kamala Harris Birther Theory After Being Given Every Opportunity To Refute It)

Cross also reacted to the attacks President Donald Trump and his campaign are lobbing at the Biden-Harris ticket and predicted what states Harris will hit hard in the coming weeks. She also said that Harris’ campaign trail energy and skills as a debater ought to put key battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Texas in play for the Democratic party in November.


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