Epstein – Andrew – Ghislaine love triangle. Maxwell plays victim card (Video)


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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the developing case against Epstein’s madam (or handler), Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to Maxwell’s friend, Laura Goldman, the Epstein groomer seeks a plea deal over charges relating to exploitation of young girls. Goldman also said that Ghislaine will not say anything about Prince Andrew.

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Via The New York Post…

Armed agents raced a convoy of 15 vehicles through the New Hampshire woods, with spy planes buzzing overhead, in the moments before they smashed down Ghislaine Maxwell’s door and arrested her Thursday, according to a report.

Small planes had started buzzing over Bradford in New Hampshire from 4.20 a.m. Thursday — four hours before the raid on Maxwell’s 156-acre hideaway, locals told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

When 24 armed FBI agents finally stormed the property — suitably named “Tuckedaway” — they were backed by New York cops, local officers and even New Hampshire’s gang task force, the paper said.

After using bolt-cutters to break the lock on a metal gate the teams “drove at speed up the half-mile driveway in a convoy of 15 vehicles,” an officer told the paper.

“And let’s just say, we didn’t knock politely on the door,” the officer said. “It was smashed down.”

Maxwell was “up and dressed” and wearing “sweatpants and a top” in the living room when they burst in, the officer said.

“She was turned around quickly and cuffed. She was in custody in a matter of seconds,” the source insisted.

“Strangely she didn’t seem to have much reaction. It was like it wasn’t registering with her,” the officer told the UK paper.

Area residents were shocked to learn that their mystery neighbor was actually Maxwell, the disgraced British socialite and longtime confidant of notorious late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Only after news broke of her arrest on federal sex abuse charges did the small planes that “went on and on” turning circles overhead all morning finally make sense, a neighbor told the paper.

“I realized it had to be the FBI making sure she didn’t leave before the raid team got there,” carpenter Dick Morris, 59, who lives opposite Maxwell’s hideaway, told the paper.

The hunt for Maxwell cost “millions of dollars and hundreds of man-hours,” the paper’s source said of the “high-stakes game of cat and mouse.”

“At least five million bucks, maybe more,” the source said.

Maxwell was finally found in the $1.07 million luxury home that she bought in an all-cash deal through what prosecutors called a “carefully anonymized LLC” in court papers filed Thursday.

Her defense team is now “preparing for war,” a source told the paper.

“They’ve had a year to anticipate this. She has money to put the best legal team in place,” the source said, noting they “anticipated this day would come.”

“She’s in the fight of her life and not going down quietly. She insists she’s innocent and always has done,” the source said.

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