Equality — Everyone Empowered To Self-actualize


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For to be all we can be, to develop our mind, character and personality to the full extent possible, without others enriching themselves upon our misery, this is true equality. For equality and happiness are one and the same.

Surely, capitalism should not use force to destroy equality for the laboring-class by enslaving them as the 50% working-poor.

Nor should socialism destroy equality for the more intelligent ruling-class, by taking away their right to create, administrate, invest, start new ventures, invent intellectual property, wisdom imparting and politics ruling.

And impossible is it for the middle-class to achieve equality when in their supervising, policing and teaching, they empower deadly force governments such as capitalism and socialism.

For our freewill having the liberty to show compassion or indifference as the situation demands, to give charity only when it accomplishes more than inflate pride, and to be grateful only when a gift is offered with no strings attached, this is true humility carried to it’s ultimate conclusion.

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