Eric Swalwell mocks God on MSNBC: “We could’ve called God herself…”


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Eric Swalwell mocks God on MSNBC: “We could’ve called God herself…”

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Watch Rep. Swalwell mock God: “We could’ve called God herself…” 😑

Watch Rep. Swalwell mock God: “We could’ve called God herself…” 😑

What an embarrassment.

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fang fang fanged him well.



“TG 265: Ukraine PM Drops in at NATO HQ: Peace in Jeopardy!”

Readers may be confused.

Unless a reader has been following events for the past 7 years you may be perplexed.


So what is the big problem?

Putin on at least two occasions has told the Reich NATO psychopaths that:

“Russia will not fight another war on her own soil”

At every turn Russia has been placid while the NATO hyenas come sniping at her heels.

The RF is not looking for trouble.

She knows WE ARE .

Sue Rarick

I can prove God isn’t a woman — If God was a woman, sperm would taste like Chocolate


The other day someone told me to “keep my powder dry”.

I had to ask the meaning.

Smoking Eagle

It is not referring to “God herself” that is the problem, but the mocking intent. The debate on whether god should be seen as male or female is ongoing, including among Christian organizations. A bible society in the UK asks the question, “If God made male and female in his image, what does that make God?​” The answer begins: “God has no biological sex as he isn’t material, or made of matter, and therefore has no genes. However, the question of why God should not be referred to in feminine terms, seeing as God does not have a sex objectively,… Read more »

Smoking Eagle

‘God is not male… OR female’: Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘the Father’ cannot be defined by human gender

  • God is not male nor female according to The Most Rev Justin Welby
  • Human language is ‘inadequate’ to describe the Christian deity – he said
  • A YouGov survey found 41 per cent of British Christians agreed God ‘does not have a human gender’ – but most refer to God as male 


Personally, I don’t care if God is referred to in terms of male or female gender and 41% obviously think likewise. It doesn’t matter what terms the head spiritual governor is called either, God, Allah, Yahweh, whatever – the point is surely, that humans have a spiritual dimension and some of us recognise that and have FAITH that there is a spiritual leader. As for the person who termed God as a female, he’s obviously using his platform to show how “woke” he is, and as far as I’m concerned, that damns him utterly. The pompous prig.

Smoking Eagle

I don’t care a tuppence either. For me the point is that the mocking was totally out of line and extremely disrespectful of the “other” 59%. I am not Christian, but I find the mocking of deities offensive nonetheless, no matter what god or goddess the target.


God made mankind in his own Image mankind = Human Gender neutral! But the problem is 1 LGBGT Gender confused idiots of today who have a lack of education pick on the word MAN WELL YOU CANT HAVE A PLANT 🌱 WITHOUT A SEED! And reflecting to the Bible God took a rib from Adam and created woman Genetically modifying! notice man again! Wo Man = woman! The WO OF MAN 😂😂 It also mentioned that Homosexuality is an Abomination in the eyes of God ! Trying to Legitimize something that is not Natural and contre nature will never justify… Read more »


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The US government today has made the US the laughing stock of the world and is armed with nuclear weapons.

Greta Thunberg may well see a new ice age before she is much older 🙂

Global warming prevention done, box ticked 🙂

Smoking Eagle

Oh, I thought the US has been the laughing stock of the world for quite a while now. They elected (TWICE!) that utter moron George Bush Jr. 113,000 webpages listing Bushisms that made people cry, grimace, cringe, etc., as well as laugh. Mind you, he could be serious and speak the truth on occasions (even if it was mangled in true Bush style):

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” August, 2004 in Washington.


Then the US ‘elected’ an openly bigoted Kenyan bi-sexual whose liberal elitist admin. stoked open conflict with Russia in Ukraine and Syria.

Smoking Eagle

The US stoking conflict with Russia has been going on for decades. It’s nothing new. On August 30, 1945, Major General Lauris Norstad dispatched a document to his superior, General Leslie Groves, outlining a total of 15 “key Soviet cities” to be struck with U.S. atomic weapons, headed by the capital Moscow. This was followed by another 25 “leading Soviet cities” listed for annihilation, with Leningrad at the top of the list. These nuclear attacks were being planned three days before WWll had been officially concluded (on September 2, 1945). These murderous “initiatives” targeting the USSR for destruction, were actually… Read more »


It is rather terrifying to look at this new headless government in the United States – ie the merest sham of a presidency – and the freakish stop-at-nothing liars who make up this new administration. Who is behind them and who are we really dealing with? Which nameless transnational corporation, what malign spirit?Terrifying because I live in one of the countries of its european empire and we are forced to kowtow – even worse, “depend” – on them….people whose word obviously means nothing and who lack ALL morals and ethics. We outside are looking at madness and spiritual corruption on… Read more »


No nation can survive with such politicians and such a joke of legal or justice system! The USA are absolutely done!

Last edited 6 hours ago by WaveDancer

David Bowlas

Old Fartwell is typical of all politicians. And that woman Wallace is a pernicious piece of work. Is she related to Bubba?

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