EXCLUSIVE: Is Working From Home The Way Of The Future?


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The Daily Caller sat down with Moe Vela, former Senior Advisor to Joe Biden and the Chief Transparency Officer for TransparentBusiness – a platform that works to increase the accessibility of working remotely, to ask him about how working from home is changing the way Americans function.

“I believe somewhere around 90% of the global workforce is being forced to work remotely, and many of them – the vast majority of them for the first time.” Said Vela.

“If we do this correctly, there are technology solutions [that] employers and businesses need to be using…so that we make this new normal, a remote workforce that works well,” continued Vela. “If we do that…it will become the new normal, permanently.”

Last month the United States lost over 700,000 jobs, which was the worst month for American jobs since March 2009, during the Great Recession. (RELATED: Private Partnership Sets Up Healthcare Coverage For Gig Economy Workers During COVID-19)

Technology solutions are allowing some Americans to keep their jobs by working from home. But will it permanently change the landscape of how the workforce operates in the United States?

Tune in to see what Vela has to say on how to successfully navigate working from home and why the benefits of working remotely outweigh the cons.

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