EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Pierson’s Unfiltered Reaction To Biden’s Latest ‘African American’ Comments


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Katrina Pierson, senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, sat down with the Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc for a wide-ranging exclusive interview on the current state of the election.

In particular, Pierson focused on former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments that seemed to characterize the African American community as monolithic, especially compared to the Latino community. (RELATED: Trump Is Finally Signing The ‘Buy American’ Executive Order — But Now It’s Going By A New Name)

“I was completely offended, but this would not be the first time that Joe Biden offended myself or many other black voters for that matter,” Pierson, who also served as the national press secretary for Trump’s 2016 campaign, said. “It’s simply not true. You can’t say that Haitians, and Africans, and other black Americans are all the same. It’s just simply not true. It just goes to show you how taken for granted black voters are.”

Pierson and Datoc also discussed the Committee on Presidential Debate’s decision to reject all requested changes to the debate schedule — which Pierson claimed the campaign would continue to fight for — how the Trump campaign’s door-to-door strategy could pay dividends in the age of coronavirus, and Congress’ inability to find compromise on another coronavirus stimulus package.


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