EXCLUSIVE: White House Says Its Opportunity Zones Are Lifting Americans Out Of Poverty — These Business Leaders Are Helping


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Daily Caller’s senior White House correspondent Christian Datoc spoke exclusively with both Scott Turner, the Trump Administration’s Executive Director Opportunity and Revitalization Council, and business owners partnering with the federal government about the benefit Opportunity Zones are having on communities across the country.

Datoc specifically asked Turner about former Vice President Joe Biden’s proposal that would restructure how the Opportunity Zones function. Biden wants to revoke the tax credit for businesses and instead have the federal government direct grants to businesses. Turner acknowledged the importance of funneling capitol into these communities but stressed just how important the private-public partnership is to ensure that the economic benefit is transformative, not temporary. (EXCLUSIVE: Ben Carson Reacts To Opportunity Zones Report And Claims That Trump’s ‘Suburbs’ Comments Are ‘Racist’)

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson also spoke with Datoc on the Opportunity Zone report during an exclusive interview from the White House, and a number of business executives partnering with the federal government also stressed how the tax credits are helping them and their communities.


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