Fairy, Leprechaun And Elf Discuss Their 3-Way Relationship: ‘I’ve Never Gotten Jealous’


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Three polygamists who identify as a magic fairy, troll and leprechaun are open to admitting another fairy or “healer” type into their polyamorous relationship.

This throuple identifies as a fairy, a troll and a leprechaun https://t.co/9wIKxoOeEQ pic.twitter.com/rCIk5lzesi

— New York Post (@nypost) January 12, 2021

Princess Fairy Lolly, Gunther the Troll and Ion the Leprechaun of Seattle, Washington explained the dynamics of their relationship Tuesday on the United Kingdom’s “This Morning.” (RELATED: Should Notre Dame Drop The Fighting Irish Mascot?)

“We are in what we would call a closed polycule,” Princess Lolly said in the interview. “We consider ourselves a closed family unit.”

Princess Lolly met Ion the Leprechaun as an adult and talked him into polyamory, according to The New York Post. She then met Gunther at a live action role-playing gaming festival.

“I’ve never gotten jealous,” Gunther said, The New York Post reported. “We do a lot of what we’re doing as a unit and a family, in everyday life and in general, and I’ve said the biggest thing is making sure we have that time we can get in there.”

Princess Lolly said on “This Morning” that she and Gunther work on her business during the day while Ion works on his “super secret job,” according to The New York Post.

“As a full-time fairy, it is basically my duty all the time to traipse about in the ‘Land of Real,’ as we refer to it, and spread what fairy magic I can hither and yon. Primarily that takes place at our fairy festival that we produce which is Fairy Blossom and other Renaissance fairs and festivals,” Princess Lolly said on “This Morning.”

In the evenings, she said they have family dinner, and they are willing to admit a fourth member into their polyamorous relationship.

“I think actually the only type of other person that would fit is a fairy or a very adventurous healing sort,” Lolly said, according to the New York Post. “We are pretty dedicated to what we do, so if you can’t be dedicated with us, then it won’t work in the long run.”

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