French President Emmanuel Macron Praises Melania During G7 Summit Wrap Up


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French President Emmanuel Macron took time out Monday to heap praise on Melania Trump during a G7 Summit wrap-up in France.

The comments were made during a joint press conference with Macron and President Donald Trump as the leader thanked both Trump and the first lady for their “involvement” during the annual gathering held this year in Biarritz, France. (RELATED: Ivanka Turns Heads In Yellow And Black Floral Dress During Munich Trip)

“I would like to thank your first lady who was by your side and who has been very active side by side with my own spouse,” Macron shared. “And she [Melania] has honored us in our country. She knows how popular she is in our country.”(RELATED: Ivanka Turns Heads In Gorgeous Yellow Plaid Skirt Suit)

“And President Trump who will be hosting the G7 summit next year, I’m going to give him the floor so that he can tell us how you intend to organize the G7,” he added. “And I will be there by your side with the same determination and the same desire for unity, thank you.”

It was then President Trump’s turn who promptly thanked the French president and Macron’s wife Brigitte for being “incredible” during this year’s annual gathering of world leaders and their spouses.

“I want to thank you very much and I think more importantly than anything I wanted to come up here to say that because the job that President Macron and your wife, by the way who is a great lady, Brigitte, would like to thank Brigitte,” Trump explained. “She has been spectacular, spent a tremendous amount of time with Melania and some of the folks who came in some of the wives that came in and they had a great tour of the area and it’s a beautiful area.”

“But I wanted to thank you very much for the incredible job,” he added. “This is a truly successful G7. There was tremendous unity.”

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