From Congress To Climate, It Was A Week Of Frauds And Liars


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On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we talk facts about climate change with Marc Moreno from But first, we talk about the sham hearing on the so-called “whistleblower” and the Democrats’ push to impeach President Trump on a scam of a story involving Ukraine.

Listen to the whole show:

Watch the Marc Moreno interview:

Democrats are pushing ahead for impeachment based a “whistleblower” complaint that is proving to be false at every turn. The second- and thirdhand allegations of wrongdoing are undercut completely by the facts – there was no quid pro quo, no ask to manufacture “dirt,” and no threats to withhold aid. In fact, according to the New York Times, Ukraine’s new President didn’t even know US aid to Ukraine was being held up until a month after the phone call Democrats claim President Trump was using it a leverage to force Ukraine to “interfere in our elections.” In other words, the whole thing is as big of a fraud as Congressman Adam Schiff’s opening “parody.” We have all the audio and analysis.

What is the truth about climate change? Marc Moreno has forgotten more about the subject than most other people know. As the leading de-bunker of the left-wing climate hoax, Marc gets into the origins of the cult of climate, how the left is indoctrinating children, and why, despite the lies, liberals are so successful and pushing their agenda forward. You don’t want to miss this one.

Then we tell the story of a hot pursuit in California with an electric police car that went horribly wrong thanks to a lack of power, and we have an update on Carson King. The Des Moines Register fired the reporter who wrote the story “outing” old tweets of the college student who raised more than a million dollars for a children’s hospital was fired by the paper. The people who weren’t fired are the editors who OK’d the inclusion of tweets from when King was 16. We have the details.

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