German general relieved of command… for his views?


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In early May, German Brig. Gen. Jared Sembritzki assumed the responsibility of being U.S. Army Europe’s new chief of staff.

Prior to this assignment, Brig. Gen. Sembritzki served as the commander of the 23rd Mountain Infantry Brigade in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. He joined the German army in 1990 as a cadet at Infantry Battalion 67 in Breitenburg-Nordoe.

Sembritzki is now the fourth multinational chief of staff in the history of U.S. Army Europe. The first U.S. Army Europe’s Chief of Staff from German Bundeswehr was Gen. Markus Laubenthal (2014–2017), the second – Gen. Kai Rohrschneider (2017–2018) and the third Gen. Hartmut Renk(2018–2020).

US Army Europe command press release stated that the appointments of German officers to the position of U.S. Army Europe’s Chief of Staff build strong ties between Bundeswehr and the US army units located in Europe.

That is the fourth non-American chief of staff in the history of U.S. Army Europe. Some experts say that Poland – not Germany – is the biggest US ally in Europe. In that way, a polish general must have been appointed. However, not this time.

Brig. Gen. Jared Sembritzki takes over from Gen. Hartmut Renk. The latter became notorious for his critical words about polish army. His opinion was so popular that the US Army command In Europe had to be defensive and explain the speech away.

No doubt that the scandal around general was one of the reasons for his discharge and a new chief of staff to be appointed.

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