Good News And Bad News For Joe Biden


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The good news is that the Tara Reade allegations have now totally collapsed due to stellar investigating by some of the same people who rubber stamp any lunatic allegation against Donald Trump. The bad news is that the Donald Trump/Ukraine quid pro quo has become quid pro Joe with the release of a tape by the Ukrainian Government.

The Reade allegations have been covered by two in-depth articles: one by Cathy Young for Quillette; the other by a team for PBS NewsHour. The former contains a photograph of what is said to be a typical hallway in the Russell Senate Office Building where this imaginary sexual assault was supposed to have happened. There is no alcove, and any man who attacked a woman therein as Biden is alleged to have done would be dicing with death. It is also clear from these two articles and indeed from Reade’s own pronouncements that her story has evolved over time. Just like truth does. Not.

Of course, there is never any satisfying some people. Krystal Ball continues to be a true believer, but few people who know or knew Reade are quite so gullible. Maybe they know something Krystal doesn’t? Reade claimed to have walked out on her violent husband, but it was he who filed for divorce.

The latest development is Reade’s high profile lawyer Doug Wigdor parting company with her, the penny having finally dropped with him.

So, Biden may not be quite as creepy as some people believe, but he isn’t quite as sleepy either, because there is now enough information in the public domain to demonstrate not mere nepotism but financial corruption on a significant scale by Biden and his son Hunter.

On Friday night, The Dan Bongino Show, available on YouTube, played the recorded phone call between Biden and Petro Poroshenko who was Ukrainian President until May last year. As Dan points out, the Democrats impeached Trump for making an innocuous phone call to his Ukrainian counterpart, the incumbent Volodymyr Zelensky, a call that was said to have had some concealed corrupt purpose. Now what do we find? Biden himself partook in a call that indeed had a corrupt purpose. As if this were not bad enough, investigations by the Senate into Hunter Biden are moving forward. As for Biden himself, his gaffes continue. A while ago he insulted a manual worker, losing the blue collar vote. He is pictured above insulting a fat man. Now he appears to have sabotaged the black vote  as well in an interview with a black radio host, the modestly named Charlamagne tha God.

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