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Failures of Marxism

Socialism is a social system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by society. Karl Marx created the term socialism as an ideology that was supposed to solve problems with capitalism. Marx explained capitalism scientifically and stated that capitalists exploit workers. According to Marx, the exploitation of workers is the main obstacle in creating a just society. He was right about this.

Marx was convinced that socialism was going to release workers from capitalist exploitation and to create a just society. He believed that the social ownership of the means of production would eliminate the deficiencies of capitalism. According to Marx, the only way to achieve this goal was through the socialist revolution.

Calling for socialist revolutions was one of the biggest mistakes of Marx because violent revolutions cannot bring a better society. Although a revolution may replace a particular social injustice, it has always been replaced with a new kind. To ensure the lasting effect of revolutions, the new leadership must be autocratic. As such, it spreads alienation throughout society with all the unfavourable dictatorial phenomena that are well-known throughout history. Revolutions have never contributed to the improvement of society as people desired it.

The elite of the world knew in advance that the socialist revolution could not bring a better result than capitalism. They supported Karl Marx and his philosophy to reduce the chance of a better economy. Also, the elite found it profitable to export socialist revolutions in non-obedient countries to destroy them.

The global elite conspired a socialist revolution in Russia at the beginning of the 20th Century by supporting the communist leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Lenin managed to spark the socialist revolution to overthrow the Russian Czar Nicholas II Romanov. The elite planned to ruin Russia by the revolution and conquered it when it became weak enough. The global elite invested a lot of effort into the destruction of the Soviet Union. Still, it did not manage to conquer Russia because the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, prevented them.

The world elite successfully created revolutions numerous times. Recently they supported radical Islam in Syria to destroy the country and eliminate president Anwar al Assad, but Putin prevented it as well.

The elite of the world never allowed revolutions to happen in countries they have under their control. In Germany, for example, the communist leaders Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht were assassinated, and this prevented the communist revolution.

The global elite are masters of deception. I presented their skills in the article The Conspiracy of the World Exposed.


The second big mistake of Karl Marx was the abolishment of the market economy. Marx thought that the market economy caused the exploitation of workers so that he proposed the elimination of the market. Marx ideologically destroyed the capitalist economy and tried to replace it with a centrally planned economy created practically from nothing. It was naive and irresponsible. The socialist economies have deteriorated because the revolutions replaced the economy that worked with an idealistic economy created by inexperienced theorists.

The centrally planned economy was supposed to produce goods and services in quantity and quality to satisfy people’s needs. But the leaders have never learned how to gather people’s needs, so they decided it for them. Such an economy was alienated from the people. The centrally planned economy was not able to satisfy people’s needs sufficiently and prevented the development of socialist countries. Also, the socialist ideology was based on humanism so that it protected workers while also taking their freedom through bureaucracy, which did not stimulate workers to work enough. The final result of the socialist economy was poor.

By the elimination of the market economy, Marx destroyed the basis of a healthy socialist economy. The global elite still supports Marxism after all its failures, and this proves their intentions are pure fraud. Marxist socialism must not be taken into consideration anymore. I wrote more about it in the article, Marx Still Prevents the Progress of Society.

Socialism is a developed market of work

Not revolutions, but reforms are the only correct way to develop society. In the article Good Capitalism, I have presented two simple political regulations based on equal human rights that will significantly improve capitalism on the benefits of all the people. Socialism will come after capitalism as Marx predicted, but not through revolution, it will come as an evolution of capitalism. Socialism will be based on the further development of equal human rights.

Equal human rights, by their definition, must also form equal access of every person to every public workplace. A new division of labour will accomplish it. The best job offer of workers for any work position in any public workplace at any time will get the job. I know it sounds impossible to achieve because such a division of labour never existed, but the realization of it is just a technical problem.

The system I have developed will effectively determine the productivity of work offers, define the job responsibilities of workers, and harmonize rewards for work. It will not be based on a complex bureaucracy that damaged the socialist economy, but on direct competition of workers for every workplace at any time. The workers who offer the highest productivity and accountability and demand the lowest salary for the desired workplace at any time will get the job. It would be nothing else but a developed market of work. However, it will require a lot of time for the market of work to develop enough and be accepted by people.

Socialism will stimulate workers to work much more than in capitalism, which will significantly improve the economy. Every worker who loses a job through the competition will instantly be able to find a new one in the full employment environment. The existence of workers will never be endangered. The system will establish such a rigid form of responsibility that no one will dare to offer work proposals they would not be able to realize. The market will also regulate worker salaries in the most objective way. Socialism will increase living standards for all people like never seen before.

No economy can be more productive than the one where each job gets the best available worker. Public companies will become more productive than private ones so that capitalism will go down in history. I have explained this idea more in my article The Future of Economics.

Only the complete implementation of equal human rights should be called socialism. People will accept socialism in a distant future as a final act of the abolition of privileges and unequal rights in society. Equal human rights will bring the best possible life for all people.


Building socialism is a much more complicated task than is the reform of capitalism. It took me ten years to define how to achieve it in my scientific book, Humanism. Contrary to Marx, I have accepted the advantages of previous economic systems and transformed their disadvantages into new forms that will allow the further development of the economy and society.

I am not saying that my solution for socialism is final because my ideas open up a spectrum of possibilities for socialism. It is hard to choose the best solutions without practice. But I am confident that people will further develop the best choices for socialism through their experience based on my theory.

It reminds me of the Wright brothers who were pioneers in the aviation industry. Hundred years later, the aviation industry developed far beyond the expectations of the brothers themselves. I believe that the development of socialism will eliminate social evil and create a bright future of humankind beyond wildest dreams of today.

I’ve also presented socialism through the screenplay Good Socialism. By reading the story, everyone would be able to understand how socialism is supposed to look and the benefits it will bring to people.

Continues to Good Communism.

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