Hillary’s 2nd chance?


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Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus:

Let’s explore the likelihood of Hillary Clinton trying a second time to become the first woman POTUS. She refused to endorse any politician for 2020 and said “I’m not going to.” She’s planned a big fundraiser for the DNC on October the 16th, “Dinner and conversation at the home of Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Entry tickets are priced as high as $50,000. She’s been holding fundraisers last year as well. Joe Biden is too old, too weak, and swamped with a full on corruption scandal of trans-national proportions… Bernie Sanders was recently hospitalized for heart surgery, and he’s out of the campaign trail until further notice. Elizabeth Warren [Pocahontas] remains the DNC’s only hope against Trump; because they’re never going to pick Gabbard – a politician able to rally progressives, liberals, moderates, and conservatives, and nationalists. Still, Clinton is a much better pick for the DNC [which is struggling to raise money], its corporate donors, and the Deep State.

HRC has a good story to tell the American public. Look at what Trump did in office. Look at what he did in foreign policy, pulling the US out of the JCPOA, starting a tariff war with China… Now he’s on the brink of impeachment. The last election result was a mistake; foreign actors sabotaged me and helped Trump win. I won the popular vote, but not the electoral college. But now voters know better, and that’s why I’m announcing my entry for the 2020 race. The crowds go crazy, the libtards climax in their pants, while the mainstream media and Big Tech beef her up.

Those who hate Trump’s guts will gladly vote for Hillary again. Those who hate both their guts will likely stay home or vote 3rd party. So in this situation, the momentum lies with Clinton for two reasons: a) democrats eager to take revenge for the last presidential election; b) the belief that Hillary is the lesser evil after weighing Trump’s term, which has further divided the country [with the persistent help of mainstream media, of course]. A portion of votes that went to Trump in the belief he’ll pursue populist economic policies won’t visit him this time around; purely because he didn’t fulfill that pledge – in fact, Trump did the opposite, more free lunches for the rich – who he insisted [during the last campaign] should pay more. Ethno-nationalist Richard Spencer was certainly disillusioned with Trump’s performance, saying: “He’s given us nothing.” While former KKK leader David Duke has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard on different occasions, contrasting her pro-peace and pro-diplomacy stance against the backdrop of Zionist-sponsored war policy. Trump’s plans for Iran and Venezuela have been disastrous – and his recent decision to put US troops on the ground in Saudi Arabia lost him many points. As for the historical visits and talks with Kim Jong-un, thus far it’s been only PR. During the first meeting, Trump publicly lied, saying the reason they couldn’t come to an agreement was because Pyongyang wanted all sanctions lifted. The North had a clear reaction to that, saying they only wanted sanctions relief for the civilian economy, not for the military sector.

And let’s not forget the heated, albeit failed attempts of the republicans to abrogate ACA [Obamacare] – despite not having something [better] to replace it with. Demographic sections concerned with the health care system who gave Trump the benefit of the doubt last time, I believe, won’t give it to him in 2020. In July, the Trump Administration removed a bill from the agenda meant to combat price gouging on pharmaceutical goods and redirect rebates from insurers to consumers. In the end, we’re talking about a narrow, critical section of the population that will make the difference. The public is already familiar with Hillary’s dirt, and all she has to do is adopt a better platform that will sway enough moderates and progressives to turn out for her [as the lesser evil]. I could be wrong, but HRC has a better shot at winning the White House than last time. But will these new odds suffice? The only way to know for sure is if she runs again. It’s highly plausible she will.

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