Is a Romanian passport better than a Ukrainian one?


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In 2019, about 90 thousand romanian passports were issued in Ukraine! Back in October 2009, Romanian President Traian Basescu signed a law simplifying the provision of Romanian citizenship.

According to him, Romanians can be all persons who lived on the territory of Romania within the borders of 1940, as well as their descendants up to the third generation, who lost their citizenship due to circumstances beyond their control. Ukrainian laws prohibit dual citizenship, but Ukrainian legislation does not provide for penalties for obtaining a passport of another state.

Recently, the program of romanian passportization of ukrainians has again intensified significantly through an extensive campaign to issue Romanian passports. Such decisions of the Romanian authorities can be seen as an open claim to erosion of Ukrainian sovereignty over the border territories. These territories include the Chernivtsi region and part of the Odessa region of Ukraine. Perhaps this can be regarded as an attempt to restore the integrity of Romania, its territory was changed after 1940 by the communists.

Naturally, not everyone wants to get a second passport of romanian nationality. However, quite a lot of people in these regions want to be able to live and work in the EU countries, given the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine. And most importantly, the lack of prospects for the development of the ukrainian state. The second passport will make it easier to go to Europe, get a job there, which is not at home.

But! It must be understood that it is not the personal interests of pragmatic ukrainians that the romanian authorities take into account. Bucharest’s main goal is to satisfy its own foreign policy ambitions. The basis of which are territorial claims and historical grievances. As modern experience shows, protecting one’s own population is an excellent occasion for further annexation of territories.

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