Is Europe loosing Italy?


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Daniel Martin

I think it was the Serbian president that recently said that the EU solidarity was nothing but a fairytale, and in my opinion he is absolutely right in his analysis. I think it would be best for the Italian people to exit this fake money burning bureaucracy which has shown nothing else but complete incompetence and lack of leadership during this crisis.

Tony Papagallo


LMAO!!! Italy’s shoestrings are coming loose.

This is one of the most misspelled words. It happens, but this particular misspelling can be found in plenty of professional writings.


The ties between Italy and the EU have been loosened and the EU may lose Italy altogether. The sooner the better.


RE: Is Europe losing Italy?

I should hope so. I think the EU needs to do the dodo bird routine. Shut those borders down permanently.

Smoking Eagle

Italy should definitely lose the EU.


Don’t worry, headline writer. Italy is still going to be in Europe. Lumps of geography just don’t go wandering off. I suspect, the real worry is: “Will Italy find an independent path and shake off EU control?”

Exiled in Ard Mhaca

With any luck the Italians will go and the whole neo liberal construct that is the EU will be no more. Founded by bosses and banisters for their benefit and no one else’s. The end is nigh for the EU.

Olivia Kroth

TASS: Number of daily confirmed coronavirus cases in Italy down to 880, mortality still high — The overall number of coronavirus cases since the epidemic outbreak stands at 135,585, including fatalities and recoveries ROME, April 7. /TASS/. As many as 604 coronavirus patients died in Italy in the past day, which is slightly less as compared with Monday, Italy’s Civil Protection Department said on Tuesday. The number of coronavirus cases confirmed a day decreased to 880, with an average daily figure of more than 2,000 in the recent days. As many as 1,555 patients have recovered in the past day,… Read more »

Olivia Kroth

TASS: 104-year-old Italian woman become Europe’s oldest coronavirus survivor — According to earlier reports, survivors of the deadly infection include a 102-year old woman and a 101-year old man, as well as a number of patients aged over 90 ROME, April 6. /TASS/. Ada Zanusso of Italy, 104, has recovered from the novel coronavirus to become Europe’s oldest person surviving the disease, Il Mattino di Padova said on Monday. The old woman has been living in her care home in northern Italy for the recent years. She tested Civod-19 positive on March 17 after suffering with fever and difficulty breathing.… Read more »


The EU has lost all credibility because as soon as this virus appeared it was every “man” for himself.

As the Serbian President said EU solidarity is a myth. All we hear is platitudes of the usually statements but no practical help. It has taken Russia, Cuba and China to provide real assistance.

But where is NATO? Nowhere to be seen or it is seen via its press releases announcing how they are giving a helping hand when in fact it the Chinese or Russians that are providing the assistance.

John F Cooke

Loss of unity?? Was there ever any unity in the first place?


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