Is this a real election or a coup? MSM rendered useless [Video]


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The Democrats said months out for Joe Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances. Nancy Pelosi said that it is an absolute certainty that Joe Biden will be inagurated President in January. The Pennsylvania Attorney General said Biden would win that state no matter what the vote tallies say.

It appears that these commands and predictions are being borne out in reality. And unfortunately, the PR concerning the Trump side with a wacky sounding do-it-yourself Protestant prayer by a woman minister calling angels in from Africa… this is not helping with the optics. Nor did President Trump’s declaration that there was fraud going on.

This does not mean these claims are not sincere or correct, but they are likely to be used by the Democrat side and the secularists behind them to further run down conservatives and the Christian faith many of them hold.

For the Trump supporter (I am one) it is incredibly tempting to brush this all off as a coup attempt. There are reports, usually not in the Mainstream networks (including Fox) that talk about issues like how more people voted in various jurisdictions than are actually registered in those places. This is reported personally to me from Colorado, but also through alternate media sources in Wisconsin and other states. The found ballots and mail-in are all almost exclusively for Biden.

Finally, the actual incidence of voter fraud in the United States is very low historically. A report about a US Postal Service worker arrested near the Canadian border with three ballots in his truck – three ballots are hardly thousands. The implication offered by the headline “New York postal worker arrested at border with mail in his trunk, including 3 ballots” is hardly a sign of massive fraud, though it tries to fit with other reports of “mail dumping” of ballots in various amounts. Wikipedia has the incidence of voter impersonation at a stunningly low 0.00006%. I believe this number is correct. Voter fraud is the whipping boy that comes out for every presidential election.

It appears, based on all this information above, that our dear President has walked right into a trap. He is suing for voter fraud in a nation that has not historically held a record for it. His leads are evaporating and his defense is historically very feeble.

This is a big, big gamble. There are several questions that are hanging over the election:

  • Was it rigged by the Democrats, through clever and fraudulent use of mail-in ballots?
  • Are there really that many Biden supporters out there?
  • What if the President is correct? How will he be vindicated, especially in the presently universally hostile MSM environment he faces?
  • If there is fraud on such a scale, described by our editor Alex Christoforou as the deployment of Color Revolution techniques perfected in places like Ukraine, now used against the American nation… if this is true, what must be done?
  • What even can be done against such a psyop?
  • And, if it really is the case that Biden won this thing fair and square, what then?

If the President is right, then he must persist with this using all of the devices available to him. The attached video by Dr Steve Turley shows he has many options down the line to use. If he is wrong, the use of all these will be seen as actions taken in extraordinarily bad taste, but it will agitate his supporters and, while probably nothing like the BLM / Antifa violence, there may be some people losing their temper in ways the media will instantly capitalize upon.

The President has put himself into the biggest fight of his presidency, and unfortunately it is very easy to twist the optics so that it appears to be him only concerned with keeping power, the old “selfish, all about me” narrative will get a lot of use in this situation.

However, he has been right before, many times. He has done more to uproot the Deep State establishment than any president has done in decades, if ever. A whole lot of Americans now know about the Deep State, and they are going to be energized to resist it. Perhaps they will be energized all the more if this ends with President Trump conceding (after all measures have been exhausted).

The eerie questions remain that hang over all of this: How did the Democrat leadership and ex-leadership know this was going to happen? Why were they saying the things they were saying in the way they said it? Was it a failure of good polling on the GOP side, or was it a plot on the Democrat side, one that is exceedingly well-protected? Can such an operation actually happen in the United States?

I hate to say it, but these questions are what we are stuck with, and they are not comforting at all. It was one thing to talk about Civil War in the realm of the Black Lives Matter riots (which moved the needle towards Trump if anything), but this, a massive media psyop against the entire population of the United States…

That seems too sinister to comprehend. Most people are not going to want to accept it. The rest of us, who are sane, will not want to believe it is true, and will likely try to find any way possible not to have to respond to it in any particularly radical way. Conservatives do not live to pick fights. They defend their own – their homes, their families, their way of life. Indeed, the American Revolution was not an aggressive Revolution like the Bolsheviks, seeking to directly overturn a government. The American Revolution was defensive, a reaction to an increasingly brutal tyranny being imposed on the people without representation.

This sort of situation – a tyranny – looks to be trying to get set up now. I wish I could see it some other way, but it just keeps coming back to this.

Lord, have mercy on us!

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