It is not about Russia, it is about Imposter Biden [Video]


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For the last few weeks, some of my friends and readers started responding to news that “Russian troops were massing” on the border with Ukraine. My reaction had been what it was throughout 2014-2015 and onwards when these reports were happening on the order of every week to two weeks, it seemed. “Russia Invades Ukraine” was the headline, literally almost every two weeks for over a year.

Russia never invaded Ukraine.

Nor is Russia likely to do anything so silly now.

However, with the recent changes in power in the United States, a resurgence of these same old headlines appears to be making an impact in the United States. There also appears to be some greater level of tensions, as Alexander Mercouris, our Chief Editor, so brilliantly covers here, with news that a quadrilateral group of national leaders will meet to try to bring about a solution to this problem.

The United States media, with its extraordinarily slanted coverage of all things Russia, is generating the usual requisite of fear and trembling among Americans. However, most networks are not properly pointing at the source of the problem because they are either complicit or just that lost in the wash of the “western narrative” –

The source of the problem is Joe “the Imposter” Biden himself.

Tucker Carlson and Representative Tulsi Gabbard begin to approach the truth of this in this short segment.

However, they fall far short, presumably because the American media establishment, including Fox, is likely suffering the blackout and the smothering effect of American Big Tech and Big Media that swung into full force at the time of the American presidential elections.

In the meantime, the Americans are told that “Russia is massing its troops on the Ukrainian border” while the reality is nothing of the kind. A statement by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu recently noted that there are preparedness drills and training taking place all across the Russian Federation, but there are no particular troop concentrations at the border of Ukraine and certainly no intention of attacking that country (translated text below):

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, reported on the scheduled control checks in the Armed Forces during the winter training period.

“In accordance with the training plan of the Armed Forces, control checks have begun in the military command and control bodies, formations and military units,” the head of the military department said during a conference call held today at the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation.

Sergei Shoigu added that the troops went to the training grounds to conduct tactical, tactical-special and bilateral exercises.

“I demand to ensure the high quality of control exercises and safety during the movement of military echelons and military equipment,” the Minister of Defense set the task.

In total, 4048 exercises of various scales will be held during April, including 812 bilateral exercises, at 101 training grounds and 520 facilities of the training and material base.

The exercises take place on the territory of all military districts and the Northern Fleet, as well as in the Far North, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka…

However, we do not hear screaming reports coming from Japan, nor do we hear of anything from Russia’s Scandinavian neighbors in protest of “imminent Russian attacks.” Only from Ukraine.

We want to include Alexander’s video here, because his comments are absolutely vital to understanding the European perspective, and that offered through his own very perceptive intellectual acumen regarding the geopolitical situation here:

Alexander Mercouris quotes Dmitry Peskov’s observations about Ukraine, and this is significant:

“The Ukrainian side has been tenaciously trying to present Russia as a party to the Donbass conflict. Russia is not a party to the Donbass conflict. Russia is making every possible effort to help resolve this conflict, and we will tirelessly continue to clarify this. The Normandy Four members, except Ukraine [Germany, France and Russia are the other three members], generally understand this. However, for them, probably, Ukraine is such an Enfant terrible (in French!), yes, this terrible child, which you cannot kick out anywhere but it causes a severe headache.”

So, Ukraine here is portrayed as Europe’s “problem child”. That problem child inexplicably got an enabling boost from somewhere, because after several years of relative quiet in the Western media, suddenly we are inundated with “war drum” rhetoric about Russia again.

When was the last time that happened? During the Obama-BIDEN Administration, of course. Now, we may know a bit more of why. While we knew that Ukraine was being used as a proxy by the Americans back during those times, we did not know of Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt involvement with Burisma, nor did we know how Mr. Biden successfully coerced the Ukrainian government to get rid of the special prosecutor investigating his son, holding that hapless country over a $1 billion barrel.

But now we know. And further, we know that Joe Biden, while occupying the White House, is definitely not the president. He may “officially” have the title, but what I mean here is, the man ain’t the leader. Someone else is. Amazingly, we do not know who that someone (or someones) actually is, just like amazingly, we still do not know who shot Ashli Babbit on January 6th, 2021 during the outburst at the Capitol Building.

For sake of comparison, we know who is charged with George Floyd’s death, and we knew within minutes the name of that police officer, but we do not know the name of the officer who shot this lady three months later? And we don’t see Mr. Biden doing anything presidential. Kamala Harris appears more interested in her digs than she is in anything else…

This may seem divergent, but it really isn’t. We do know there is a connection of corruption Joe Biden and Family have with Ukraine. We also know the US is experiencing media censorship at a level that would make Joe Stalin blush with pride. We further know that Mr. Biden is feeble-minded and clearly not the man wielding authority; in fact, we have not been able to ascertain where that authority actually is, or who it is.

This leads to the United States being seen by the powers, particularly the Normandy Four, as particularly unstable. In the past, American policy was clearly articulated and acted upon, wrong as it often was. But now, there is no clear articulation, unless we want to count Mr. Biden calling President Vladimir Putin a “murderer.”

This was not a gaffe. It was worse. It was a statement, whether truthfully stated or prompted, by a man who is not responsible, and who is incapable of acting responsibly for the good of the nation he was (supposedly) elected to lead. 

This is the real source of the trouble. Ukraine’s Volodymir Zelensky is by no means a bad man. His initial efforts as President of Ukraine show him to be gifted with some common sense. But where he had a good ally in President Trump, he now has no real ally in the United States except for this nameless “power” that is directing Joe Biden’s actions, and that “power” appears to purely destructive in its efforts both inside and outside the United States. Add to that the extremely corrupt internal government of Ukraine, its own “Deep State” and it is easy to see that at best, Mr. Zelensky is under pressure internally far more than by anything Russia is doing or is likely to do. While it seems unlikely that Mr. Zelensky would support a course that leads his nation to conflict with Russia, it also seems unlikely that he can take the reins strongly enough to stop his nation from being used as a pawn. That is an uninformed opinion, perhaps, but it does seem to fit in keeping with the Ukrainian leader’s history thus far.

The short of the long of this is that the United States is at fault here, and in the most terrifying way imaginable – the Deep State influencers have their way – people whose names we do not know, whose faces we do not know, but who are acting through the empty suit living in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, to get their plan done.

The sane world is no longer the West, if it ever was. The guarantors of sanity now appear to be Russia, Germany and France, but the West is slow to recognize this, and that may cause big problems.

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