It Looks Like We’re in For a Very Testing Time


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Soon, the Entire UK Adult Population Will be Expected to Volunteer to Undertake COVID19 Lateral Flow Tests. There’s a Problem. The Chinese Imports Used in Schools Contain Cancer-Causing Ethylene Oxide, But NOBODY Was Told

We accept that there is an accepted and widely practised sterilisation process underway globally, carried out within the strict requirements of an International Standard – ISO 10993-7 – however the unaddressed and unresolved issue here is clear. It’s a very specific safety concern.

Please examine below the dedicated evaluation process carried out by the UK Government for imported lateral flow devices. This appeared to be rushed, cursorily done, functional, and nowhere does the key area of public safety appear to be explored or analysed.

Moreover, nowhere has it been acknowledged that post-sterilisation, the cancer-causing ethylene oxide agent appears in trace amounts in the swabs that will be invasively inserted into volunteers’ noses and throats twice a week, on into the future.

No reassurance has been provided above that frequent and repeated use of these swabs will not cause a cumulative, potentially dangerous build-up of this toxic chemical compound over longer periods of time.

If the government are expecting our informed consent on this, it surely is time for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to emerge from the shadows, stop being secretive, come to the dispatch box, reassure the British public and openly inform them of any potential dangers.

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