‘It’s America You Should Be Speaking English’: Radio Host Reportedly Fired After Demanding Workers Stop Speaking Spanish


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Dianna Ploss was fired Saturday from her radio show at WSMN 1590 after a video was released of her yelling at workers who were reportedly speaking Spanish.

The video, which was allegedly posted to her Facebook profile and has since been removed, was reposted on Instagram on the account Crazy Karens. “You should be speaking English,” Ploss says in the video which now has over 150 thousand views. (RELATED: Study Finds Coronavirus Immunity Could Be Lost In Months)

Ploss went to confront workers in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire, who were doing landscaping, per TMZ. She reportedly assumed that the landscapers worked for the state and called on the governor, Chris Sununu, to do something about the situation. “This is communism,” Ploss says in the video on Crazy Karens.

An African-American man in the video crosses the street and attempts to confront Ploss, to which Ploss says “Because he’s a black man. He’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman.” Ploss has hosted several videos of herself campaigning and reportedly quit her job in 2016 to campaign for Donald Trump, per TMZ.

A trip to WSMN 1590’s website now immediately opens a pop-up that states that Ploss is no longer affiliated with the network. “We  at WSMN value freedom of speech,  freedom of expression and assembly,” read the statement, “We will not tolerate discrimination,  racism or hatred.”

A petition for Ploss’s removal from her network reached nearly 11 thousand signatures. Ploss said on Facebook that she will be issuing a public statement at 7 pm Monday and posted “Good Morning Patriots! Who are we going to offend today” Monday morning.

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