JESSICA and JESSICA — Dumb And Dumber


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Or perhaps that should be nasty and nastier. If you haven’t heard of Jessica Valenti, she is the attractive woman photographed above. She is thirteen years older now, but at the age of 41 she is still a looker; objectively she is at least 8 out of 10 on looks alone. Sadly, that is where her attractiveness ends.

The other woman is apparently quite a bit younger, but even without the tattoos most people of either sex would rather meet Jessica Valenti in a dark alley than Jessica Taylor, who styles herself Dr Jessica Taylor. Her PhD is in psychology; Jessica Valenti has a masters degree in gender studies. The latter is by definition worthless; the former begs one to ask exactly what kind of psychology is being taught in our universities nowadays.

Both women have new books out. Jessica Valenti’s was discussed here recently. At the time of writing, it has 8 ratings on the Amazon website, all 5 out of 5. Clearly all the reviewers are personal friends and/or fellow travellers.

Jessica Taylor’s new book is called Why Women Are Blamed For Everything. According to the Guardian, no sooner had it been published than she was deluged with “misogynistic abuse”. As might be expected, Jessica Taylor’s definition of misogynistic abuse is a great deal more liberal than most people’s. Simply pointing out that women are not blamed for everything and indeed are often excused on account of their sex, counts as misogyny for her. For example, Cyntoia Brown murdered a man as he lay sleeping, shooting him in the back of the head then robbing his home and stealing his truck. But Brown claimed to have been a victim of sex trafficking, so that makes it all right.

The former Virginia Roberts travelled to London with Jeffrey Epstein when she drank champagne with celebrities in an exclusive nightclub before allegedly having sex with Prince Andrew. She too is still being touted as a victim of sex trafficking, even though by her own admission she recruited underage girls for Epstein and was paid handsomely for the privilege. You see, women have no agency for their bad acts, one of the immutable laws of feminism.

Jessica Valenti’s latest toxic screeds include The Importance of Believing Women — Even When It’s Politically Inconvenient. She is alluding in particular to the allegations made by Tara Reade against Joe Biden. Her main concern is that most of her fellow feminists have exposed their hypocrisy by failing to denounce Biden the same way they trashed the hapless Brett Kavanaugh. After all, a woman has “credibly” accused Biden, so she must be telling the truth.

There have been claims that Reade’s recent allegations have been corroborated by a 1993 phone call her mother made to a Larry King programme. No, they have not. Reade worked for Biden but was let go, ostensibly after complaining about sexual harassment. Biden was a mere 51 in 1993, and wasn’t senile as he clearly is now. He was a powerful man, and contrary to the claim that powerful men have nothing better to do that hunt skirt day in day out, they are a magnet for a certain type of woman. The Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky case – let us not dignify it with the word affair – is a classic example. Lewinsky was obsessed with Clinton, and he took advantage of her, far from the first time he had done so with a female admirer. Unlike some of his other admirers, Monica didn’t become a scorned woman when it was over. It is quite likely that a young Tara Reade lusted after Biden in similar fashion, and was let go because of this. Two contributors to the same website as Valenti have poured cold water on Reade’s claims, and others have pointed out that like all the women who have accused Donald Trump she is either seeking attention or away with the fairies. Actually, she is both.

While Valenti sees a pattern of powerful men preying on powerless women, what she is really seeing is quite the opposite, namely power groupies lusting after a certain type of man. These women are dangerous, and wise men realise it. Powerful people of both sexes are sitting ducks for the most outrageous allegations; powerful women are often accused of sleeping their way to the top, something that is undoubtedly true of Kamala Harris, but not of Elizabeth Warren who lied her way to the top.

Once more it needs to be pointed out that when the accuser is a reasonably intelligent, educated woman, nothing but a contemporaneous allegation should be taken seriously, and if the allegation is extremely serious, it should be accompanied by a police report.

Believing women like Tara Reade or giving any credence at all to the likes of the two Jessicas is a recipe for future witch-hunts, and not only of Republicans.

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