Joe Biden is a tragedy we allowed to happen [Video]


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Raymond Arroyo analyzes what he sees in Joe the Imposter’s meeting with the brand new Prime Minister of Israel. Note that Joe is not talking to the man, but is rather reading from notes. Note that the Prime Minister himself appears uncomfortable in this situation and maybe that is for the same reason many of us do:

Joe just isn’t doing the job. He is barely functioning. This is especially apparent after the dynamism that is Donald Trump as President for the last four years.

See for yourself:

Perserveration. This is a sign of stress. The Presidency is the toughest job in the world, or at least that is its reputation. Mr. Biden appears to carry a very light schedule relative to other presidents, but he seems to have to take things really, really slow.

Now, I do not wish to prime and frame the narrative here. There are a lot of people who do this. Dr. Steve Turley did an excellent analysis on this practice across all American news media outlets, and it is indeed very easy to sustain bias through reporting things like this.

So let’s call that out and let me just ask you, the reader, to watch this and think about it for yourself.

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