Joe Biden’s acceptance speech was a trip to an alternate Universe [Video]


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Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech last night at the Democrat National Convention. It surprised many people on both sides of the political aisle. It was an absolutely strange capstone event to a Convention that gave us a look at some of the most deranged people in America, as well as the heads who wish to rule the United States through their newly minted proxy candidate.

We thought the Manchurian Candidate was just a movie. This is something very much like it though. Only Mr Biden is not being run by some foreign concern, at least not only one. We saw his handlers speak during the Convention. They spoke to all of us, acting like they were rallying around their guy, but really? Probably not. They might have been more honest if they had just said “Look, we are taking over again and here are the things we think are important.”

But of course, in Democrat Land, imagination trumps reality. Let’s try to look at who some of these power players might be. They spoke to us well before their designated suit came to the podium.

Over the last four days the American people got lectured by some of the sleaziest and most radical characters to ever take the political stage in this country.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton bemoaned the fact that three million more people could vote for Biden than for Trump and Trump would still win the election, “it happened to me” – Ouch. Too bad you thought you were too entitled to the post to campaign smartly, lady.

I have to admit, it was a well-crafted speech. It was well-delivered, very few verbal stutters (and an inconvenient truth about this is that Mr. Biden had a stuttering problem when he was young. I did not know this, but knowing it puts some of the audio flubs in his speech into place.) It does not excuse his strange breaks with reality though.

Tucker Carlson noted the same character in Mr. Biden’s speech, but made sure to not let viewers forget that Biden’s calm demeanor is at the top of the Party of Eternal Grievance and Victimhood. After seeing transgender mermaid queen-king weirdos, racists and angry, spurned politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton come down on everything that isn’t grievance politics, the Democrat Party put up this amazingly normal-looking and sounding guy.

Watching this speech as the culmination of his presidential run so far, I had to admit that this was sad for Biden and extremely dangerous for the nation.

Policy-wise, I see Joe and especially the powers intending to work through him, taking the US in exactly the wrong direction. Our country is degenerating into a stoned, violent, tribal, sexually perverse society that is not safe to raise children and families in. In the 1980s we strove to keep our kids off drugs and to get them into tough treatment programs if they were, to save their lives. Now, marijuana is legal in many states and many more will follow. It has even become a talking point among Republicans to legalize this stuff.

But we look at videos like this one, clearly stuffed to the rafters with people that are stoned out of their minds and ask “why is this happening?” Because we are legalizing this stuff. Pretty simple. And the Democrats are leading the charge and will continue to do so.

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