Journalist Attacked By ANTIFA: Revolutionary Media Embolden The Team


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The journalist who used to be brutally attacked by Antifa in Portland, Oregon, all the device by means of a rally is blasting innovative media accusing stores of emboldening the left-flit crew.

Andy Ngo spoke with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill about his restoration, legal slide and about the protection his assault has purchased since the incident came about. (RELATED: ‘After I Belief It Change into Over, I Change into Defective’: Andy Ngo Describes Brutal Antifa Attack.)

Ngo explained:

Beyond the runt crew of right violent armed militants you would acquire a grand better concentric circle of non-violent antifa sympathizers who work in innovative media who acquire heaps of have an effect on on social media as successfully — about a of them work in center left mainstream media as successfully.

These are those who mainstream, whitewash, sanitize the strategies and strategies of Antifa. Right here is the crew I in finding extra referring to because that is what gives Antifa the appropriate legitimacy that they acquire got been thriving on since 2016 to proceed to prepare to exit and wreak havoc on the streets and reckoning on what metropolis it is to contrivance it with impunity.


The views and opinions expressed on this commentary are those of the author and contrivance no longer judge the official space of The Daily Caller.

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