‘Keeping All Our Legal Options Open’: Parler Interim CEO Says Facebook’s Sandberg Has A Problem


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The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee talked to Parler’s interim CEO, Mark Meckler, about the relaunch of the app after it was shut down by Google and Apple following the Capitol riot.

Meckler was first asked whether or not former President Donald Trump would be welcome on the app, since he has been kicked off of almost every single social media platform.

“As long as he follows our community guidelines, we’d be happy to have Donald Trump on the platform. There is no direct communication taking place with Donald right now, or anybody else in the president’s team,” Meckler said.

Meckler also discussed if he is considering suing Facebook after director Sheryl Sandberg placed blame on Parler to only later find out her website was the most used platform to plan the Capitol riot.(RELATED: Parler Relaunches After Amazon Removes It)

“Well certainly Sheryl Sandberg ought to check her own house before she points her fingers elsewhere, and frankly I think she knew damn well what was going on,” Meckler continued.

“I think she ought to look at her own house, and yeah we are keeping all of our legal options open,” Meckler said.

Watch the full video to get Meckler’s perspective on the power big tech has, what the new relaunch of Parler will look like, and more.


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