Limbaugh: Pelosi’s attack on eSalon owner example of Liberals always on offense


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Rush Limbaugh is pretty much the King of accurate analysis of liberal political figures. Like many others, he followed the new debacle around Nancy Pelosi – let’s call this one “HairGate”, shall we? As many readers already know, Nancy Pelosi went to an eSalon facility in San Francisco to get her hair washed and get it blow-dried. The salon was closed under COVID-19 regulations set in place by Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom (former mayor of San Francisco). That did not stop Nancy Pelosi from getting her own hair done, because she is a rich California elite politician, but the security camera at eSalon caught her in the act. Mrs. Pelosi wormed out of it in a brief press conference and blamed the salon owner, Erica Kious for deliberately setting her up and demanded an apology. Erica got much more than a demand for an apology. She got death threats. She got threats against her business which she worked on for many years.

And, the news media, which hid the story on its first day (the day Pelosi was snagged) went full on with the “you better apologize to ME!” story and now the story is viral, a regular citizen is fearing for her life and livelihood and Nancy comes out seeming to be on top.

Rush gave his analysis on this matter and it is vital for us [slighty edited and emphasized by us for clarity]:

Oh, by the way, Pelosi canceled… You know she does a weekly press conference on Thursdays at 11. She canceled it today. Don’t know why. We could guess. But what Pelosi is doing in response to this whole thing, she walks into the salon, she demands to get a blowout, she gets the blowout, and now she is demanding an apology. She’s demanding that the salon owner apologize to her for setting her up.

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