Liz Resign! It Is More Than A Hint, Liz. Wyoming Wants To Break Up.

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Wyoming GOP Calls For Liz Cheney To Resign And Repay Donations In Scorched-Earth Censure (

What is it like to be the most disliked woman in Wyoming? Ask Liz Cheney, but you won’t find her in Wyoming.  She can’t leave Washington to face her critics or listen to the concerns of the constituents, she just hasn’t got the time.

Liz, seems to have delusions of grandeur, she believes that she is right and everyone else is wrong.  Her constituents have asked her to resign, they want their donations back and they believe she is a traitor. They asked her to come to Wyoming to explain her actions.  Instead, she did not respond.  They wanted to understand her reasoning, but Liz Cheney still did nothing.  The arrogance that she demonstrated forced the GOP to vote to censure her in response to constituents petitioning.  She was invited to defend her actions but Liz didn’t show up.  To add insult to injury she appeared on MSM telling the world that she would not resign.

Liz, here is the resolution.  It is very clear that they don’t want you around. Sorry Liz, it isn’t working. It’s not them, its you! They wanted to tell you to your face, but you didn’t show up.  It is time, Liz, to move on, let Wyoming go!

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