Lowest Common Denominator Society


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When people use the terms inclusive and diverse and equal treatment what they are in effect advocating is moving  society to the lowest common denominator. Nobody can achieve more than the slowest person can achieve. To do that will make the slowest ‘feel bad’ and that can not be allowed in a Woke society.

After World War 2 in the United States there was a push to modernize our education system. No longer were the 3R’s good enough. We needed new ways to teach 15 X 15 = 225 (I actually remember that from my old school learning my multiplication tables). We no longer had to bother with learning to diagram a sentence. Write what you feel. The result of all these modern improvements has been a dropping of the Unites States IQ from 1950’s 92 to today’s 88. And it’s projected to keep sliding downward even in the pre-Woke  education disaster. One can only imagine the new Woke system with everyone only learning to the lowest IQ where it will be in 50 years. Presently it’s projected to be 85 by 2070. I would guess it will probably reach 80 using the new Woke revisionist system.

I came across an article from a teacher at the Finnish school, Aalto University and here is a slice of it …” The difference between 60 and 80 is far bigger than 80 to 110. Those with80 to 95 are true troublemakers. They do not realize they are below average, but they usually are very street smart and savvy. Their behaviour is puerile and obnoxious rather than child-like. They likewise have problems of understanding things, but they are by no means slow nor stupid. They are incredibly anti-authoritarian and their behaviour is often challenging.“

The irony is that by pandering to the lowest common denominator the Woke nation is actually going to create even more problems than they are trying to correct now. Making it worse is there will be fewer people capable of not just discerning the problem but capable of finding a solution.

My grandmother had her PhD in education and she hated the idea of teaching to the lowest common denominator. She believed that you should teach to slightly above the average with extra work for the smartest and extra attention to the slowest.

My mom eventually became a teacher too and she taught in what was the worst grade school in Paterson, NJ. She was called into the office by the Principle because of an Irate mother. She had been sent a letter by the Paterson board of Education saying her oldest son was no longer going to be allowed to attend school, He was 18. And now fo rthe Paul Harvey moment…

The woman had 3 sons in the school and the 18 year old was in 8thgrade, the 17 year old was in the 7thgrade and the 16 year old (yep) was in the 6thgrade.

Her argument was that yes her son’s were below average in intelligence. Yes they had limited learning skills. But it was a State law that a minor (under21) could attend public school till that age. She believed that by remaining in school till they were 21 each of her boys would be better educated if ever so slightly and would have a better chance in life.

Luckily for this woman my grandmother had juice and when my mom told her the story, that night she went off the the superintendents home and read him the riot act,. Result the 3 boys stayed in school till they were21. I’d like to say they all went off to become doctors but no –they did have decent jobs paying decent wages. And that is as good as it gets sometimes and that’s all mom wanted for her boys.

In the Woke Utopia our education system will be designed to make those 3boys the norm. We will all be taught to a level those boys are working to their capacity and no more. We don’t want them to run afoul of failure. And nobody will be allowed to be better educated because that would lower their self esteem.

The problem starts when you realize the average engineer has an IQ in the120’s. By going to the lowest common denominator and teaching to a low to mid 80’s level, where are the engineers going to come from?

This new Woke system won’t even allow Algebra to be taught let alone Calculus. The new United States will need to buy all it’s technology from other countries. We will still hand out college degrees if for no other reason people like to say they have one. All you will have to do is show up and pass a few simple tests using your government issued smart phone. The other reason for a college degree is that you can stay in school a little longer. The government has to do something to keep you occupied.

In the end being educated is irrelevant in the new United States Woke world. You all get paid the same. You all live in the same units .Working is optional.  I think the saddest part is that today some people think this level of mediocrity is a goal.

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