Meet The Trump-Supporting Pageant Queen Who Had Her Title Revoked Over ‘Insensitive’ Tweets


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Kathy Zhu, a conservative college student and Miss Michigan World America, was stripped of her pageant title just four days after receiving it. The reason why? “Insensitive” social media posts, according to an email on behalf of the Miss World America (MWA) organization sent to Zhu.

On Sunday, July 14, Zhu was crowned Miss Michigan World and by Thursday, July 18, she was stripped of her title. A representative of the Miss World America organization contacted Zhu by way of email to inform her that she must give up her title as Miss Michigan World America due to “offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content” posted on her social media accounts. The email also stated that Zhu’s social media posts were in clear “violation of MWA’s Rules and Conditions” in that she did not meet the requirement of “being of good character and whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute Miss World America or any person associated with the organization.”

Zhu took to social media to share her frustrations with how the organization handled the situation. She further explained herself in an interview with the Daily Caller. (Related: Trump-Supporting Pageant Queen Says Organization Stripped Her Crown, Citing ‘Good Character’ Violation)

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